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Read. Love. Live.

A blog created by Aathmana. V. J in 2020, as a result of an overnight thought. During the lockdown due to the frightening results of the pandemic, the idea of starting a blog arose in her mind to drive away the feeling of the suffocating isolation.

From then on, the doors to explore much more than what one intends to seek, were opened for her.Ranging from silly and random musings that germinates in her mind, to serious and powerful articles on a myriad of other subjects we see around us, you can see a whole new world here!

It is a great place where you can find absolutely relatable content, weaved perfectly for the readers to enjoy.The articles published in this website explores and exposes the wonderful pages of life and the bitter truths of reality.



Never in my wildest dreams, did I think about starting a blog to share my thoughts to a larger audience. But when I found the right opportunity, I did not dare to miss it.

Being a passionate writer, I never stopped searching for opportunities to reach out to the world through my words. Having been through a lot of failures, I never gave up on my will to speak out loud and on the course of experiencing different stages of progress, I must say, I found the world too crazy with people like me!

I am also a blogger on VOICES OF YOUTH, a platform associated with UNICEF, where I talk all about the various cracks on the shield that protects all the people in this world to live in peace and harmony.

If not watching movies, or reading books or working on my new post like crazy, you can find me cuddling my pets, I guess.


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