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I am Aathmana. V. J, the writer of this blog. It is my passion, my love and my Big Dream, to be able to reach out to my fellow friends, family through my words. Blogging is thus, a wonderful idea for fulfilling that dream of mine.

It’s high Time that we talk about how THIS works!
Okay guys, if you are looking for spiritual stuff, positive ones… Then you have come to the wrong place!
Here I sell, Truth. And fun. Blended with sarcasm. Don’t be afraid… I am not that Smart!😜

I am a Rapacious and a voracious Reader. (Okay those were some adjectives Google provided me!! Truth!! that’s all I sell??!! Remember?🤷😅
Coming back to the point.. when you read books, the story and the characters dig deep inside of you. You become the character. You become the story. You become the writer! Yep that’s it.. That’s why I wanted to become one too!
I believe not in being a writer by merely publishing a book.. you are a writer if you are imaginative!

So Read. Love. Live will take you through a journey, of reality. Nothing is fed here. You have to discover the true essence. This blog talks about my personal experiences, and some very motivating quotes (oh.. not that piece of advice. Just a push for you guys!) , And I ensure you that all of them are relatable!! Relatable for a commoner.

And sarcasm? Well, I am totally bad at those. But I make sure my point is clear, no matter what way I chose. Anyway I am not interested in making you feel bored. And now reading this, you might feel that. So that’s it!

If you like my blog. If you feel like this is the one. Do continue reading it.
And drop your feedback!


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