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This needs a little refurbishing..

I started this blog primarily because I had a lot to say. And also because I love writing. I tried being active, though I was merely rambling here. I had absolutely nothing to write about. It was not because I ran out of things to say, but because I simply was in short of ideas to express them.

Not that I am here today full of mind-blowing ideas, but just because I thought I should write the way I feel like. And that’s the only idea I have in my mind. But it isn’t surely an innovative one.

Recently, I stumbled across an old blog, I doubt it is a blog that you are absolutely unaware of. Julia Powell, that’s her name, for those of you who want to google her. And for those who do not intend to leave this page (thank you), she is an amazing writer and was a blogger who rose into the limelight after launching her blog – THE JULIE/JULIA PROJECT; NOBODY HERE BUT US SERVANTLESS AMERICAN COOKS…

What comes next to your mind would obviously be: what was the blog about?

It was about her attempts to cook all the 536 recipes of the very famous cook – Julia Child. 

It was after reading her blog that something struck me, she loved what she did. She just wrote stuff. Stuff that basically connects her love for food and her apparently “crappy outer borough kitchen”. (you better check this out: the blog – THE JULIE / JULIA PROJECT)

I wasn’t writing stuff, I was creating them. Some carefully curated. Some pretty hard to digest for myself. But basically, I wrote stuff that badly ached for a connection. 

I am leaving the aestheticism behind, probably then I might actually find something that quite fits my size. 

But I’m certainly not going to cook. Gotta keep my roof away from fire.


6 Replies to “This needs a little refurbishing..”

  1. Have you seen the movie about her experience? Julia and Julia? It might help. (Spoilers) She did all that work, yet didn’t get to meet Julia Child.

    The key takeaway is to live your best life for the sake of it. To write for the sake of it, because it’s what your soul wants. Do what feels right. Because we all have one limited life time to live.

    Thank you for this post!

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    1. yeah I did see the movie a couple of weeks back, and I loved it.. and yeah it was disheartening that she didn’t get to meet her and also received quite a lot of negative criticism after Julia Child openly talked about how she felt about Julie’s blog and her cooking, dismissing it all as a “stunt”
      But I do admire both of them-Julia child because of her determination to rise up above all societal standards and being happy pursuing her interest, and Julie because she didn’t stop. 

      you are so right!! doing what you love, that’s a daring thing to do, but happiness is guaranteed.

      thank you for taking time to read this and also for sharing your thoughts..!!

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  2. I know what you’re saying. I feel the same kind of an urge to curate and share the best on my blog but I don’t mind if it takes ages for me to upload domething new and I’m okay with losing followers or not gaining many. It does bother me sometimes, but at the end of the day I’m simply glad to have a place to speak my thoughts and have even a handfull of people see them. Keep writing, no pressure! 🤗


  3. I think we can express ourselves by writing and it makes us happy and blogging is that platform so welcome and keep sharing your thoughts🥰


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