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Why we dread change?

I think we all are hypocrites. I tell others, don’t be a hypocrite and yet I am. We all are.

I have often seen people praising the poem ‘Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost. Teachers teaching children why it is important to discover paths not taken. Why it is important to be open to changes… And yet, the same people who praise and preach this are the most afraid of changes. And they do what? Follow the bandwagon.

Now let’s look why people, you and I, aren’t that interested in inviting a change upon our lives.

Everyone wants a bed of roses, and even those who say there are no bed of roses, want the same. It’s this. It’s all about this.

We Say No to changes, because we are afraid of the consequences. What if this doesn’t end up in the same way we wanted it to? So here’s the problem. How stupid are we to keep expectations about anything in our ever dynamic life? How do we know that anything is gonna be the same the next moment? It’s simple. You don’t!

We say, Our world needs to change. No it doesn’t. We need to change. And even before we need to change, we need to be open to changes, because when they come knocking and you aren’t ready, it doesn’t care, it come barging in anyways. And that definitely doesn’t sound good, does it?

I agree with what Vir Das (comedian) said, “we are those who never shut up, and still the same people who never speak up!”

Right now, I am tired of asking people to speak up, because I’ve stopped caring if you do or not. But I will.

I’ve stopped caring if you don’t need a change for the better. Because I do.

I’ve stopped caring if you are afraid to leave the hold of your valuable material possessions, not because I don’t have any, but because I know very well that the security pass to my graveyard doesn’t allow useless things like that. And that I better leave hold now rather than causing a chaos while people are waiting in the queue for the same one day, later.

Like Lester Brown rightly said, “We haven’t inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children.”

And I certainly don’t want my children fight and kill eachother for the leftovers we have left behind.

Changes are inevitable. You can enjoy them as long as you welcome them with both your hands and your heart.


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