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Simplify your life. (&How do you do that!?)

I know for a fact that all of us would love to have a restart button. To undo your actions, or to relive certain moments or to even start all over again.

At times, when life tends to become boring and dull, all you wish is that one thing. To restart and do the things that you never dared to do in your present life. Or sometimes even to not have done the things that you regret doing now.

But hey.. save the half wasted day. You know there’s no going back and Lemme suggest you something even better.

The joy of getting back on track hits different. And yeah it wouldn’t take even half the time you waste grumbling and overthinking about the things that went wrong.

Simplify your life.

woman jumping on green mountains

You might not think it’s as easy as I put it here. But what if I say, it actually is?

LITTLE THINGS! Stop giving a lot of significance to the bigger things. In the end, it might turn out to be nothing!

Let me confess here, I am a person who takes a lot of stress about the bigger things. And it brought me EVEN more anxiety than coffee did.

What do you think about embracing each moment? I know I’m asking for too much. I mean, who would dare to keep aside their smartphones and laptop & look outside their window to see the ugly cat moaning? But once you slowly drift your sight from the “bigger things” and really look close, perhaps the cat isn’t that ugly.. or it isn’t even moaning!

SELF CARE! Okay, I am tired of seeing people trying hard to impress their boss, being in a landfill of sorrows and yet concealing it with the concealer and coming out the next morning with a new mask of a perfectly faked smile and a face painted with makeup!

A date? A business meeting!? Come on! Dress up gorgeously.!

Weekend at home? Be a trash can! I don’t care!

But have you ever dressed up to impress yourself? I seriously feel dressing for occasions is too overrated.

Love yourself, love your face even without makeup or a very evident fake smile. Be at least a little interested in self-care? That’s easy peasy right?


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