Ridiculously Absurd @3 _ Why Should I Be Quiet?

This is ridiculously absurd. Absolutely it is.
Last day, I was asked to shut my mouth because I was a female. I was asked to always prioritise males. And I asked them..
Why should I keep quiet? Why should I prioritise them?
They said..

But as I had expected, I was labelled a “Feminist”, which you might have also done.

Photo by Maryia Plashchynskaya on Pexels.com

Answer me. What is a feminist? What’s the need of a feminist when what the world needs is to know that by introducing feminism is itself disintegrating the process of attaining equality I believe.

So yeah, I am not a feminist but a person, with ideas and opinions that others just don’t agree upon.
And if someone usually don’t agree upon what you say, what would you normally do?
If you think that to implement your ideas, you certainly do not need their support, just don’t ask for more.

I ignored them. And they started feeling desperate.
I started doing the things that I was not supposed to… I started living freely.

I showed them that the four walls doesn’t stop me or anyone. And I am not talking just about a female but everyone, who feels they are not truly living the best out of their lives.

Discriminating based upon your colour, body, race, caste, gender exists because you yourself are agreeing to it.

People of course did not stop asking me ridiculous questions. But I didn’t stop to answer them either.
Even if I get into the trouble of giving endless examples and life incidents and share my opinions to them, my words would definitely leave through their other ear.

Stop holding yourself answerable to people who doesn’t have the ability or patience to analyse your answers.

Stop hiding behind the curtains of your kitchen. You don’t belong there.

Stop finding excuses to not live your life the way you want.

Stop agreeing to what they say when you believe they are wrong.

You wouldn’t be able to stop them, but you are always powerful enough to take action.

Show them that you are never the victim and you are the way you are.

Yes, it is difficult to take the first step. It might be difficult to disappoint the people who you are very close to. It might be difficult to be felt left out initially. But then you will start loving the way you are.

And that’s the change the world needs right now. And it’s true….

It starts with YOU.

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