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Ridiculously Absurd @2_Guns in hands and cold hatred in eyes.

I was confused. When I chose this topic I was confused of my own opinion of it.
Do wars and conflicts really solve the issue?
Now what is there in this to be so confused about, you will see as you read on.

I don’t think I should give you an introduction on the unfortunate events in Afghanistan. It’s something that’s already been on the news for a good 4-5 weeks or more.

A lot of pictures of the “armed people” aka Taliban, have been circulating in the social media. In one, I saw them standing with long guns and weapons in their hands and I was not surprised but rather felt pity upon them.

Now tell me,
Do these things that they hold in their hands solve the issue?
More importantly, do they bring peace to you?
But Lol! where can you feel peaceful these days?

I feel the sound of the gun shots everytime I leaf through the daily newspaper.
It’s pathetic!

I used to love history but at the same time I kept a safe distance from the subject. Over the years, I started questioning it.
I learnt about different wars and conflicts, the after effects and everything such except for its reason. The reason the books offered me did not answer my question.
Did war really help in bringing what a country really wanted.. peace?
Or in the first place..
Why were we divided into different countries if the true purpose was not to protect the regional differences but to kill and conquer?
Is it really a law of nature? Or the law of mankind?

When I expressed my concern and distaste towards certain pages of history, a lot of people showered upon me some lame explanations that it’s necessary for us to learn from the past.
Then why haven’t we really understood the truth that hatred, greed and guns are not going to take you anywhere close to what you want to achieve.
It’s ridiculous to see how we arrive at the same conclusion as we always do..! And still in vain to reap an end to any of this.

Some people say it is necessary to fight the threat and the enemies of the same people believe the same.
They say, “Why should we stop when they don’t?”
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, isn’t it?

Now to answer the question that I first posed.. Why was I confused over this matter!

Well, February 14 , 2019, was a day when all the Indians shed a tear for the soldiers who died in a terrifying explosion.
People were enraged. I was enraged.
When India fought back, I was happy and proud but then again, I was being a part of the same history I kept a distance from! I was becoming a person who I never I wanted to be!

Ultimately, truth strikes you when you witness or truly become a part of something atrocious.

Now to all those “people” who believe guns and bombs are going to help you get what you need,
I’m sorry to break this down to you. But I must say, you are nothing but fools.
You are being utterly ridiculous. I’m again in a dilemma right now as to how I should label you all as. Certainly not humans.
The weapons that you carry might be able to scare people. It might make you feel powerful. But really? Should I be the one breaking this down to you, that it just doesn’t make you a human?
It doesn’t make anyone love or worship you, it neither does make you superior.
If you call yourselves “leaders”, then I suppose you are uneducated and illiterate. Or it might be my fault for understanding the true definition of a “leader” wrong.

If you are blinded by a certain faith, you are imprisoned by it. But try to come out of it. Think again if your faith should master you or is it your fault for reading it all wrong?

There are people living in fear near you. There’s greater power in being a hope for others rather than being the reason of fear.

Even if you imprison a bird in a golden cage, it’s still imprisoned and hence deprived of freedom.

Nothing is normal. Do not try to make it so.

You still can drop the weapons. And take children to your arms and carress them. Love them. That’s how you become powerful, by being the source of joy and love, not by being the bearers of weapons that just thrashes the humanity inside of you.



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