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Ridiculously Absurd @ 1 : Politicians, promises and what not!

The last time I said that the wedding rituals are basically some ridiculous customs to show off, I was asked to pack my bags. So I know I have to be careful with the word “ridiculous”.
(But I still do think the same.)

There are a myriad of things around us that we claim to be the most bizarre and ridiculous!
Like for instance, the people who’d stare at a girl wearing shorts are the same people who speak high about the need for wiping off female insecurity.

But today, to mark the beginning of this series, I have one matter that I consider to be the most ridiculous of them all!

Political parties, Manifesto and Promises.

Ask me what’s not ridiculous about these!

I don’t know if I’d be sued for penning an article “criticising” the functioning of today’s democracy politics. Which is itself a ridiculous matter.
I can prove you why.

The Constitution of India provides the right of freedom, given in article 19 with the view of guaranteeing individual rights that were considered vital by the framers of the constitution. The right to freedom in Article 19 guarantees the freedom of speech and expression, as one of its six freedoms. (Source: wiki [you guessed it right!])

But I’m sure they skipped these and hence proves why we can’t even tweet or write an article sharing our opinions with the public without creating any controversies and end up being labelled as “anti social” or “a threat”.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve started seeing this world. The world had always been the same, but it was I who was altered by the society.
For instance, till a few years back, the only thing I was afraid of was the butcher in my nightmares, a fictional character created by my own mother to get food in my mouth. But over the years, I’ve gathered a couple of fears from along the way. One of them being the fear of the white dressed politicians.
How can I not?

The only time I see them bow to the people with respect is during the election campaign. Oh no.. let me correct it.. The “only” time I even see them is during that period. It would take another five years to get a sight of them.

I still remember being taught that the sun rises in the East and sets in the west,when infact we were taught lies all this while. I was taught wrong about what democracy is, What is ‘really’ is. If it was the same that I had learnt, it would’ve been different I’m sure. Like.. I wouldn’t have to accept the way I’m being treated as of now in this “political” society.

I’m confused.

When did politics replace democracy? What is politics? And what is democracy? Who are we? Are we being fooled? No doubt about that.

Speaking of which, have you heard about Manifesto? Basically it’s…. Wait.. lemme Google it. I haven’t got any idea of what that is apart from what it’s being modified into these days.

Ahh! Manifesto is apparently “a public declaration of policy and aims, especially one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.”

Yeah.. I have come across that a lot of times. But who cares? In the end who ends up being the fool? So better don’t read it. None of them will hold any value when they are getting elected.

Oh you don’t believe it?
Well.. let’s see..

The ones who protested “on behalf of the people” that the price of the petrol was too high a couple of years back are the same people who have tripled the price of petrol this year.
It doesn’t end here.. when all the neighbouring countries are being supplied and also the countries that we are supplying, have their price lower than ours, they are justifying their absurdity saying “the price of the petrol increased because the price of the barrel increased”.

Reporter: can you repeat it.?

“You see.. the price in the international market decreased so we increased and then both increased. And now ….. Therefore the increase in the price of the barrel resulted in the increase in the price of the petrol.”

Reporter: **resigns.

Well, it is not sure what they all actually mean. But I do know for a matter of fact, the price that I have to pay for just one litre of petrol is Rs. 103.82, and in the near future, we can expect to buy gold in a much cheaper rate than this.

So don’t talk to me about promises. Don’t fool me anymore. But yet, I know I’m being fooled every second being a tax paying citizen.

When you finish reading this piece here.. do answer my question..

Who is being ridiculous here?

Hint: It’s the same tax paying citizen. The ones being ridiculed are the same ones who are being ridiculous. It might not make any sense. Afterall, when has politics ever made sense to us?


10 Replies to “Ridiculously Absurd @ 1 : Politicians, promises and what not!”

    1. Glad you could relate!
      PS: i will read the article as you’ve recommended it to me.. but since it’s Hindi it’s gonna give me a hard time.. but it’s nothing compared to the effort I had to put to understand what’s going on around here! πŸ˜„
      Will surely let you know after I read it!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yes this post perfectly fits the topics you are focusing on , one of the important of those points . I think a lot go more with this in current times like branding , themselves, nullifying opposition , post truths there is much complexity and manipulation.I have tried speak of them from my way.Looking forward to more posts .πŸ™‚πŸŒΌβ€οΈ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so delighted to have you here with the same opinion!
      I guess it’s relatable for all since it’s what it is for as long as I can remember..
      It’s indeed ridiculous!
      We badly need a change.. and I see a small change on its course. But I don’t want it to be like all the other historical failures!
      Glad you liked this..

      Liked by 1 person

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