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Stop being muted.

A few days back, I was absolutely taken aback by the news of a cold blooded murder. To be very honest, I wouldn’t be that shocked if I had come across a murder of any person, and it is mainly because, that’s something that comes in every minute.

However, this time it was different.

On June 28, a group of three, constituting of two young adults and a minor,tied a labrador to a fish hook and thrashed till the dog was no more… 🀐

My blood was boiling. I was obviously enraged. But much more than that, I felt pity for the three.

It was no doubt that they were disguised evils among the commoners. How human were they? How different are they from the emotionless beasts?

People get away from such crimes… Just pay a penalty of RS. 50. Yes, this is India. You can get away from pretty much anything, Rapes, animal cruelty, molestation, cold blooded murders,physical abuses.. Money and Power are the prerequisites. Here, imprisonment is just a fancy word and a ticket to a luxurious life. And penalty.. well you see, Juhi Chawla, a prominent actor in India filed a case against the implementation of the 5G technology, stating that it will lead to an enormous increse in radiation. In the end she was to pay a fine of RS. 20 lakhs.

Penalty for a petition seems to rank a lot higher than the same for a crime! Pity!

This is perfect, isn’t it? Just a perfect punishment for an utterly disgusting crime. Is this any kind of an encouragement?

It is not the first time this is happening. Of course it has happened before and it is more likely to happen again. Considering the punishment awarded to these kind of anti socials, I do not think there will be an end to this.

But we shouldn’t let this go.

Recently I stumbled across a facebook discussion where some “total maniacs” were discussing about getting rid of the street dogs by brutally killing them.. and what surprised me even more was the fact that this kind of a discussion gathered some fair amount of supporters.

Who do they think they are? Who do we think we are? Just tell me, does some self consciousness possessed by humans establish that we are superior than any other living creature here?

I can’t blame the society. I really can’t, because I’m powerless to do that. If I am powerless like you in raising my voice (apart from publishing quiet a few posts), I am a coward just like everyone else I will be blaming. It should not be a blame game.

What can we do to not let this happen again?

I get a lot of responses like, “well, let’s see.. if this happens again,we shall not be quiet. But as of now, let’s just roll on with our daily life.” ” We’ve got nothing to do with it.” “Thank god, it didn’t happen to my pet”...

Well this is cowardice. My question is not what you will do when this happen again! My concern is what will we do to prevent it from happening again. I know, no one will feel the pain unless it happens to your people or close ones. But will you wait for that to occur?

India, we need a change. Don’t be the one who shares the post, likes it or comments below it saying ‘Yeah you are right!’ . Open up.

Everyday some insignificant laws are being changed or modified. What about matters like this? This is still existing only as a bill. I need an action. It’s upto us now. If you don’t voice now, please don’t utter a word hereafter. That’s my plea.



16 Replies to “Stop being muted.”

  1. A very strong point being raised to raise voice wherever possible , the worst is we get left alone . I have see. this a lot around but that shouldnt stop anybody even if they raise voice alone. Your posts are very inspiring and motivating.πŸ‘β­

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  2. This is very shocking!!!! Shame on those people who did this to a poor creature. Voices should be raised against this, if not, the same might happen again to humans as well as animals.
    #Stop being muted

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    1. I’m afraid to remind you that these kind of atrocities are happening to people around us. We didn’t speak up then, and not surprisingly, we aren’t ready to speak up even now.
      I will be glad if you could voice out your opinions. We need people like you.

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  3. A very very enlightening post! I myself, am not a dog lover, but reading this incident made me disgusted. Humanity lacks from humans. And only Rs50? God, no. That’s terrible.

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