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Things that makes me feel.. happy!

It will be a total chaos if I list out the things that makes me happy and those that don’t. But a little mess won’t do any harm, I guess. *A Little!

If there’s any reason that I won’t be annoyed at you when you wake me up from my sleep, is if you intend to give me some ice cream.  That’s a pretty good hint at what I am.. and what my weakness is.

I badly want to store ice cream in my refrigerator.. but I can’t. I would be too tempted to not eat it which is why nothing of that sort lives more than an hour (let alone a day!)

Why does ice cream makes me happy? Perhaps it might be because it is connected to many memories that I love to cherish! Or might be simply because it tastes well and I can’t help but fall head over heels in love with it!

Cuddles and hugs.. I myself have no idea how happy I become when I am cuddled or hugged by my loved ones. It just makes me warm and loved and who doesn’t love that?

My pups! One sight of them makes me feel so euphoric and all my tiredness will wash away in a jiffy! Can anyone explain to me why dogs’ eyes are so seductive!? I have no idea why I always feel so wanted and loved being near them and the level of happiness just have no boundaries!

Striking off the to do list items! You can absolutely relate to this if you have the habit of creating to do lists every day. The reason why I still prepare these is because of the satisfaction and contentment I get after striking off every list item. That’s a blissful moment!

Something that pulls me up from having a bad day is my playlist. I make a new playlist everytime my mind is not set in the right direction. And of course I have a thousand playlists! I need to get them organised soon! I do have a bad voice but singing out loud my favourite songs, they just makes me a whole lot better! I might miss a few lines in between.. but that’s okay. I go with lyrics of my own at such times!

Voice recordings. I have a thousand voice recordings. And whenever I listen to them afterwards, even if they are embarassing, a smile comes up on my face! I would try to remember the occassion and a lot of memories would come rushing towards me. I record anything and everything.. so I do have a junk up there.. but that’s one area that I never tried to declutter. Last day, I came over one voice clip of me trying to prank my mother via an audio call.. and the first thing she asked was, are you recording this? 🀐

The reason why I wrote this post is to remind all of us… We all do have things that makes us feel happy and positive. I was pondering over this question myself, if I had anything that made me happy.. and when I starting listing it all out, I found out that I had more things that makes me happy than those which annoys or makes me feel down.

Look around you and you’d see things that would turn a frown on your face to a beautiful smile. And as of now, you can just be happy about them! As I am about the frequent power cuts in my area!


25 Replies to “Things that makes me feel.. happy!”

    1. Can’t deny it. It’s true that these things do make me feel happy when I’m not.. but it’s transient..
      However, there is absolute happiness, which I experience but couldn’t bring words to describe it.

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  1. Am definitely with you on my pups πŸ˜‰ It’s amazing how just looking at them can make me smile! πŸ˜‰
    Not with you on the ice cream though πŸ˜› I have never been a huge fan though – but when I am in the mood for it, oh my, I sure can enjoy it πŸ˜‰ My daughter is the ice cream queen in my house – any time, any weather πŸ˜›
    Thank you for the reminder of all the happiness we have in our lives every day ❀

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    1. Pups.. they are just a mystery for me. They really do sense my vibes..
      Ice creams are my all time fav. Can’t deny it anytime! But I do have second thoughts on having it during the winters.
      Icecream queen huh?!πŸ˜… That’s so satisfying!

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  2. Nice one…yes we all have our own list if things doing which gives us happiness…we may not be perfect or even good but doing what the heart and mind lijes always gives happiness..
    Stay blessed πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ™

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