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Morning vibes!

Mornings were not really my best time. Absolutely not! Let me tell you why exactly..

I slept a whole 8 hours (more than satisfactory), so that was never the reason why I fell asleep in the mornings! The moment I’m in my desk with a glass of water and determined to start digging right into my work, my eyes are equally determined to not let me do it, instead it draaags down. And I sleep. The end.

I hated the mornings because of that! But when you live in a world where mornings are supposedly the time when you should work, I was given no choice. So eventually, I had to make a coffee and also pretend to be loving the mornings!

And here’s the truth.. when you are pretending to be loving something, you will end up loving it truly from your heart. Gosh.. I don’t understand humans!

Well, everything changed when the realisation hit me!

I was missing something! All this while.. I was missing a big piece.

I wasn’t really enjoying mornings. I was forcing myself to enjoy. And when I did… I understood why mornings are labelled as the best time to be productive and preferred by all. I take it all back now!

Morning vibes hit different for me now. And you need no coffee to get moving! You just need to pick yourself up from the ruins of the last day. And be ready for a fresh new day to enjoy.!

When you get the morning right, then that’s basically getting the whole day on track! Take it from an experienced fella here.

PS: if you can play some tracks, then probably you’ll ditch the coffee!


12 Replies to “Morning vibes!”

  1. I used to be a night owl and look at me typing this message at 1.15 am. But I know I’ll be up at 630 .. I’ve started to love mornings now, as it’s yoga time . The Sun rays have a good energising effect πŸ™‚ nice post

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    1. Morning carry a different energy don’t they?
      Yoga! That’s so great! I love doing that every morning! You are right.. it’s one of the things that I look upto every morning!
      Thank you so muchh!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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  2. I have always enjoyed the mornings…..whatever time I hit the bed I am definitely up by 6 am the latest…enjoy my walks…the morning tea follows the walk…and the day passes beautifully…
    Stay blessed πŸ™πŸŒΉπŸ™

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