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A mistake

Months back, I published a post on a quote that made sense for me back then When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade out of it. However, I went through an experience that made me think twice about it. It isn’t always right folks.

I realised that sometimes when life gives you lemons, you are forced to bite it and swallow it down the way. It is painful. It is not an experience similar to gulping down a lemonade. It is vigorous, not enjoyable. But I am not given any choice. And that’s life, I understood.

I did a mistake. A grave one. And I admit it. Sorry is too old now.

But here’s the dilemma.

Despite knowing that I did a mistake, inside of me says, you have a reason behind your action. Am I justifying my error? I have no idea, but if I am.. then I am most likely to fail miserably in my trial.

When you live your life in two ways, morally and prudentially, believe me.. there are a lot of lemons coming your way. Looking through both eyes individually, you see no wrong. But the world isn’t like that. The size of the other person’s footwear may not be the same as yours.

When you are a grown-up, you feel like you are capable of distinguishing the right from wrong. But you can’t. You feel like you can sort things out. But you can’t always do that.

If you’ve committed a mistake, you have to pay for it. But the problem is when you aren’t ready for it. If only others could stand in your shoes and see that you are right in a way. But they are ultimately right. What about me then?

Yes here is the actual problem.

What is my mistake? Is that really a mistake.?

Sometimes it is not possible to find answers to certain questions that life poses. But in the due course of life, I hope one day I will stumble across the answer to this.


16 Replies to “A mistake”

  1. Sometimes we really are forced to bite it down, let the tanginess and sourness fill our mouth and swallow it. I know what you mean. I’ve found myself in such situations too. I hope that one day I’ll get the answers

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  2. A very relatable post! And yes, sometimes, we just gotta swallow it! And it definitely anything but pleasant!
    There is no handbook that tells us exactly what not to do, or what will be considered the right thing. We learn, and grow daily! And if we never make a mistake, well then we can’t go grow 😉
    Great post!

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