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I did a life audit and here’s what I found!..

Same old cup of coffee. Same old desk in my room. Same old me, as of everyday. Everything seems to be too familiar and similar to be interesting. Weekends aren’t supposed to be like that. (Urmm, everyday seems to be no different from the other).

Life has started to get uninteresting and monotonous. And people at some points of their lives, have felt like that for sure. I can not blame the pandemic for the lifeless life I am leading right now because that just wouldn’t be right.


It was a week before that I decided I should solve this. This is not what I wanted to do. And I decided to do a life audit.

Life Audit is crazy, believe me. I mean, who would care to analyse your habits, and routines and stuff, when you can just move on with no time “wasted” and you have your boring things to do? Well, I say, you should.

For starters, I went through the portfolio of my daily routines. I would helplessly compare it to a piece of stale bread. Nothing more to say about that.

Waking up at the same time every morning, followed by a rush to the bathroom; using the same old coffee mug for the beverages (I don’t drink coffee too often though) and the daily dose of news.

Afternoons, the slack time of the day.. I am not particularly a fan of that time. (except when it rains) because that’s when I would be helplessly working.

Evenings are full of fun and that’s just me, sitting idle, either looking at the happenings in the street down below, or perhaps watching some ads in the TV (it’s full of that these days, I can barely watch any programs!) Followed by reading a book.

Don’t even think about the night. Just me and my dinner. Now that’s the real fun, huh?

Conclusion: I badly need a change!

But here’s something I need to tell you. Changing my daily life is not in my hands (as it is dependent upon several other matters) but changing myself and my habits are.

Here are some of the changes I thought I should implement to cut down this boredom from my life.

I decided to…

1. Do something different everyday.

Having a routine might make your life easy, regular and consistent. It might be helpful for so many people to have a perfectly happy life.

But apparently, it doesn’t work well for me. The major reason, I realise, that made my life no longer interesting is because of the same pattern that I followed every single day. Of course, I was regular and punctual, on the same time, it took all the fun out of “life”. I was just like a robot running based on some kinda manual.

Trying something new isn’t unhealthy, is it?

2. Cut down the bigger goals to smaller, easily attainable ones.

I have a tendency to aim for the bigger or the higher ones. It’s not a fault, but let’s zoom into this and see. Having bigger goals make us more ambitious, determined and confident in the beginning. It’s like feeling you have a destination to go. But wouldn’t you get tired if you have miles and miles to go? It’s frustrating sometimes, and even sometimes you will lose all the interest you had invested in it once. I did.

But what if we did it this way? What if, we broke the long path to smaller ones. It’s a part of human nature being happy because of our achievements; as we reach the checkpoints of these short destinations, we feel much more confident to travel further. And in adequate time, without much mental stress, you would reach your final destination. This way, the ‘miles’ you once decided to travel doesn’t seem too long actually.

3. Do not try too hard to be happy.

It’s ridiculous, don’t you think, that in the course of struggling too hard to be happy, you are actually recreating some fake happiness and you are too tired by the end of the long struggle to be really happy. Why do everyone stress on being happy? Happiness is not a commodity that you could buy from a store.

Happiness is just a result. What’s the point of trying too hard to fit in our comfort zone and pretending to be happy when you are clearly not! I don’t think you should try hard to be happy when you clearly need a change!

4. Enjoy the little moments, no matter how insignificant they are.

Everything that happen around you might not be compatible with the pace of your life. But they can sometimes do wonders. My biggest regret is not taking some time off to discover things that I discarded from my notice considering as insignificant, when in fact it had the power to help me get better at many moments.

5. Don’t rush. Give time.

Little do we realise the fact that, we are utterly impatient most of the times. We don’t even realise it ourselves unless we make grave errors in our lives. Most things in our life need time to heal and to be the wonders that we wanted. However, as it turns out, it will become nothing but only ruins because we don’t invest enough time in that.

Recently, I came across a Ted Speech by Daniel. J. Watts and he, so beautifully expressed the fact that TO ACCOMPLISH GREAT THINGS, YOU NEED TO LET THE PAINT DRY!

He said “If I don’t want my yellows and blues to make green, I need to stop, I need to give sometime.

This is so true. Don’t you think? Something that we ought to realise.

As I near to the end of this, I guess I don’t need to define fun as “sitting idle watching TV” any more. I have much more to discover.

Check out : BREATHE

PS: This is not where I end my audit. I still have quite a lot to do.


16 Replies to “I did a life audit and here’s what I found!..”

  1. LOVE this! Although to be honest, at the moment, a life audit for me may not be such a great idea 😛
    But I am LOVING your ideas! And oddly enough, I came to a lot of the exact same ideas over a span of a few months, and began implementing them. (Although sometimes commitments don’t always allow enough time for them. Insert huge eyeroll here 😛 )

    I definitely need to try a little harder to not see those big goals in their ‘big picture’ and instead break them down, and actually celebrate the small achievements along the way, that will lead to that ‘big thing’/ ‘big finish’!

    And I DEFINITELY need to let the pain dry 😉
    Great post! Thank you so much for sharing with us ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nicely explained we are always in a rush tied up with routine . we just need a break sometime to enjoy the moment and take those small steps at a time. Some very nice quotes made the reading enjoyable .🙂❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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