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We are a part of the society that we blame.

This is a truth that all of us frequently give no care to notice. This is the truth that we hide, purposefully. THIS IS THE TRUTH.

Everyone, including me, always put the blame on the society.

Why are women insecure? Why can’t they go out of their houses at night, or walk safely on the street after 8pm?

Why are women and men victims of several violent abuses that take place every minute?

Why are “periods” still an unsolved taboo?

Why can we not be completely secure from all those absurd stereotypes?

Why are we afraid to take any step further in our lives, without paying any heed to a “second opinion” or without thinking what others’ opinions are?

Society. Society. Society. This is all we can think of as the retort to these questions that arise in our minds very frequently.

Stay with me as I examine what this SOCIETY is!

Society is nothing, but us. We are the society. Each one of us are the atoms of what we call the “society”. It’s ridiculous, don’t you think? All of us always hesitate to blame ourselves for our errors. But that’s what we always do. We point our finger at the SOCIETY, which is like pointing the same finger towards us.

Does generalising the whole thing make any difference? Nah.. I don’t think so. If you blame the society for the insecurity that women face today, then every woman, man and child (literally every single person, regardless of age or gender) are blamed here. If you are pointing your fingers towards the society for all the brutal murders and the act of being “silent”, then here, we all are the murderers. Accept the fact, that we are to be blamed and there’s nothing called the Society.

We always hear the statement, “Society Needs To Change!” But we seldom hear anyone say, “I need to change myself”.

“Society” is something that we use to excuse ourselves from the troubles caused by truth. It is nothing but a curtain for all the nefarious deeds of humans.

I am well aware of the fact that, all the people are different. Yes; consequently, their opinions and thoughts on different topics are so not similar as well. The ideas, opinions and comments about various social events are conflicting and not always healthy. This is the instance when people start blaming one another. No one tries to understand what’s right or what’s wrong. Even if they distinguish the unhealthy thoughts, no one would dare to accept it publicly. And that’s when we drag the whole curtain of “Society” and closes the deal.

And yet we say, we are Educated.

I grimace upon the fact that all of us consider ourselves educated, when in reality, none of us are educated in the right sense.

When you have an opportunity to speak, speak up. Loudly enough to wake every one who is silent and still. Obviously questions will arise like “What difference will it make?

How can they arrive at a conclusion without trying it?

And what if.. “You can make a difference. What if you can influence others by your healthy thoughts?” What if, you are able to change one single person? If you don’t call that a success, I don’t know what else you consider as successful!

Unhealthy elements of our environment never remain for too long. It will rot and get extinguished. But our efforts must focus on to not allowing it to spread. It will be catastrophic.

But let me come back to the basic point.

It is you! You are reason and the result. Every change should begin with you.

Stop saying, Women can’t go outside because of the society.

Stop spreading the false belief that “society” won’t change. Because it is you who is not ready to change.

Stop every damn thing you do to make the world not a healthy place to live.

Because it is still good enough. More than enough.

Cynthia Erivo : Like Louis Armstrong said, It isn’t the world that’s so bad, it is what we are doing to it.

So next time you put the blame on the ‘working’ of the society, do spend a moment to analyse your actions. See if you are even eligible to speak for yourselves.


16 Replies to “We are a part of the society that we blame.”

  1. I like the post. I might be a minority who never blames the society or anyone else.

    I had posted long back – I am Responsible πŸ’― percent. I believe in it and live it.

    More power to you 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nicely written , the change starts from each one of us we are part of the soceity. its important we take responsibility at our levels . the best part of your writings are those quotes. Yes we need to use our voice at the most atleast have courage to stand by someone who raise their voice.

    Liked by 1 person

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