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Before 2020, I used the masks when I am cleaning or exposed in a dusty environment. And of course I didn’t like it. The suffocating breath! The constant urge to breathe fresh air when being masked for about just five minutes!

However, the circumstances did not remain the same. 2020 taught me a major life lesson that “If you dislike something or someone, you will absolutely end up with that itself.” And now I am masked. But this time it’s not to prevent those sneezes from inhaling dust, but to prevent ourselves from being infected.

The tale of ‘masks’ are pretty funny actually. Let me tell you why.

The art of wearing the masks!

Okay I am pretty sure that I know what the necessity of wearing a mask is. So I should also know how to wear one. However, I seem to have missed some lessons when I see how other people wear masks.

As I go down the street, I see people wearing masks, yes. Except for the fact that it doesn’t look like they are “masking“. The mask is either down their chin, or probably hanging on one of their ears. But I find them to be better than the ones who fold them and keep it in their pockets, like how you’d put a pen there.

You would not believe me saying this, but yeah.. a few days back, I saw a lady wearing her mask in a different style. Let me correct that. I saw her wearing a “headband”. You’d probably would’ve guessed by now what that headband actually was.

Jokes apart.. Dear people,

Masks (that are advised to be worn during this pandemic situation) are a protective object, that is to cover the nose and the mouth of the person who is wearing it. It is not a piece of jewellery. And it certainly is not any kind of a joke! Stop considering it to be one.

If you are wearing it for perhaps to not get fined by the police forces or just because you see others wearing it, I must say, you are uneducated in every sense. You are a liability to the society. I am not sorry for saying this because this is a matter of great concern.

You are not risking your life alone, but others’, and you don’t have any right to do so. This isn’t a flu. This isn’t the normal illness that you acquire which you expect to run away in a week. Because apparently, this hasn’t.

On one side, there are doctors, nurses and other health workers, working hard day and night, who are going through a hard time.

On the other side, there are uneducated and ignorant fools, who seem to be happy being in the crowds, with no preventive measures.

I wonder if they know what a sanitizer is, let alone know how to use one.

Fashionable masks

Okay. I don’t have any grudges against these. I am okay with these as far as they ensure that they are a satisfying preventive measure.

Ever since the pandemic began, new masks of different styles are out in the market. Some look so … ‘not how a mask should look like’. I had a great laugh rummaging through some of them.

But as I said, before using “masks” like these… Please make sure that they are upto their use. If not, do not risk wearing them.

Wearing masks are a difficult job indeed. The reason is because, It is very difficult to “remember” to wear the mask before going out. And also, it gives a terrible time for the eyes when it keeps popping up! What about the number of times when we weren’t able to recognise the other person! (I didn’t, in the beginning!)

But considering the fact that it is for our own safety, I have utmost respect for a mask. No hard feelings.!

Wear a mask. Stay Safe.

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7 Replies to “Masked.”

  1. I wear the neckbeard when I am driving alone in my car, ha ha ha! Occasionally, it’s the earring… if the neckbeard is making me itch 😛

    Over here, we are mandated by law to wear a mask when you leave your house. Not doing so is a criminal offense. And yet so many people walk with the streets without one. Sigh.

    And in case you are wondering… I wear mine if I am around anyone – except in my house with my kids 😉 Even if the neighbour and I have a driveway chat, and keep our distance, we still wear our masks. It looks silly to some, but we prefer protecting each other from each other 😉

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