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UnNoticed .

A trip to save your soul? Do you remember all those beautiful places that you scribbled in your bucket list ?.. It gave us a sense of utmost happiness striking them off after visiting it!

But then on 2020, exploded a bomb. Locked inside our houses for many days which later turned into weeks and months.It was excruciating.. I don’t know how, but we did manage it pretty well. 

When the restrictions were liberated a bit,do you know what most of us did?

When we added more and more places, fascinating and famous tourist destinations, into our lists, we totally ignored the places around us. For instance, I didn’t even know that by walking a distance of just half a kilometre by foot from my house, I could reach a pond.

Absolutely untouched.

It kept me away from the urban rushes.

I experienced solace and moreover I was happy. But I was guilty. Why didn’t I ever visit this place, which was absolutely worth my time and interest.

I realised that it was a total waste to chase over fancy destinations, when I laid my eyes on the beauty around me. The beauty which was too close to me, yet was UnNoticed!

There were many such places too close to me, which I haven’t visited even once. But I am grateful to 2020 for exposing me to these ‘beyond beautiful places’. 

I know, most of us consider 2020 as 🤢. But believe me, you can’t ignore the fact that.. sometime amid all these fuss, it gave us some little pleasures. Surely I can’t ignore this fact. 2020 didn’t show up the way we wanted it to. But it had its own style. 

It paved us the way to the unnoticed. Way to the unexplored places. New bonds and relationships.

Future is uncertain. It will always be. But that’s what the whole deal is about! 

So let’s take some time to look around us. Did we miss anything? Did we leave anything (or ANYONE) UnNoticed?


18 Replies to “UnNoticed .”

  1. “Future is uncertain. It will always be.” This is so true, and I totally agree, even though 2020 was not the best, we can’t deny that it didn’t provide us with so many windows of opportunities and exposed us to the simple pleasures in life that we overlooked. In fact, I learned more in 2020 than I ever did my entire life. I’m so glad you found a happy place

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  2. Great post! And so true! While we are making wish lists and setting our sights on things far away, we often forget to notice the things right here, within our reach!
    It’s still good to dream about, and have ‘exploration destinations’, but we should definitely take the time to check out our ‘own backyard’ 😉

    That pond is beautiful, by the way 😉

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