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Very recently, I came across an article. It was about a girl of just 17 years of age, who survived a murder attempt upon her. It was titled – ‘Another Honour Killing?’. 

The one question that arose in my mind then was – ‘What would a 17 year old possibly have done that provoked their parents to kill her?’

And I got to know why.. – She refused to marry a 45 year old man, the one chosen for her by her parents. If she had not survived the brutal attack upon her, She would have been just another victim of the unreported honour killings in our society. Just Another one.

An honour killing, or a shame killing,is the murder of a member of a family, due to the perpetrators' belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion with an honor culture.

Well, if you ask me, the honour of the perpetrators’ was already lost when the thought of killing their close ones just for the sake of the society and their reputation, got planted in their shameful mind. 

The society and their reputation value even more than relationships? 


Thousands and thousands of people, regardless of gender,are victims of this brutality. The most annoying fact is that most of these incidents are still not reported. The families report the murder as ‘suicides’ and ‘accidents’. 

No wonder why there is no special law against honour killings.

We DO NOT WANT any other Sadia Sheikh, Ghazala Khan, Hatun Sürücü,Nidhi or Vandana anymore. They became the victims of the most cruel faces of humans. There are more. 

It is even more ridiculous to see that the people who pose themselves as the ‘ideals of the society’ are themselves the perpetrators of this disgusting events in our “society”. Educated or not, these evil minded people are amongst us. Sometimes.. IN Us as well.

I didn’t see any Human rights activists fighting against any such criminal activities but I see a lot of them jumping up when media turns their attention upon these events. 

In short, Honour killings are just another page in the brutal history of human kind. Just another one! 

Killing to retain their honour it seems. Just another lie.

What use is ‘honour’ to us? Will it feed us? Will it make us immortal? 

It is ridiculous to see people fight for it. To see people kill others for it. 

We shouldn’t be silent. If we are, then we are the cowards. Do what you can. Even if you feel that it’s less significant, it’s okay. Because here the thing is not about doing things that is significant or different, but is about speaking against what you think is wrong.

The next victim can be anyone. Even your loved ones. Speak up before it’s too late to make a change!


9 Replies to “FOR HONOUR?”

    1. People, you and I, have two faces, my friend. It’s the bitter truth. But it’s we who decide to let it out and harm others or not .
      Honour killings were always there in front of our eyes.. however, it was hidden behind the false reports of “suicides” and “accidents”.
      I know how you feel. Exactly the way I felt when I discovered this disgusting truth.
      But I think we all can do something. Like how I made you aware of this. You can do it too.
      You make the difference here.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your views. 😃😃 Keep visiting..

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