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I stumble across this question a million times myself. Am I afraid?

To live in this twilight world, it is difficult to balance our desires to speak up and to lead an undisturbed life. It is difficult to be courageous enough to not bother about our fears and insecurities. So yes. I am afraid.

But the bitter truth as we know is that, the more we are being afraid, the less are the possibilities for us to come out of the dark clutches of inhumane faces.

I can’t breathe. I see others suffocating without breath. But I also see that they are patient. I see no reason that justifies their silence. MY SILENCE.

Isn’t it time to speak up? Even if this gathers little attention, even if many swipe away these posts, I won’t be dissatisfied. Because I know I’ve tried. I will continue to.

I may have less experience in life than most of you might have. But the lessons that my experiences had taught me, I know, shouldn’t be ignored.

Speak out against injustice | Great quotes, Quotes to live by,  Inspirational quotes

So let’s decide.. SHOULD WE SPEAK UP?… SHOULDN’T WE?


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