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Take a moment to go back to your childhood days, when you really cared not for others but for yourself. When you had spent time giving yourself a little treat for your little achievements. Think about the one time when you really ‘breathed’?

Now examine your current circumstance. How long has it been since you’ve given yourself a pat on your back? How long has it been since you have looked in the mirror and saw yourself… just as you, and not what you will be in the next 5 years?

You should have realised by now that as you grew up, not only your legs or hands or your situations changed , but also your identity. It’s possible to find an excuse for yourself by saying that people change.

Let me say one thing,
People don’t change. They transform into a different identity , but remain the same person at heart. The only difference is that, they’ve locked themselves inside their body and unfortunately threw away the key.

That’s where you say… ‘i’m stuck in life.’

‘situations force people to change’
Someone said it.. but I think he left it half way to the shore.
Situations carve people. For the better.

If you claim that you’ve not changed at all for others.. then tell me why do you bother to make others happy at the expense of your happiness?
I’m not asking you to be selfish. I’m asking you to be yourself. If you are pleasing others by destroying yourself, then that’s what you call, ‘pretending’, and according to what I have learnt.. you should never pretend in your life. Except at times when you can’t help but pretend that you really haven’t touched the sweets that your mother hid from you.

So.. breathe. Breathe for yourself. Look out for the key you’ve lost. Find it and unlock yourself.
Better be late than never ! Right?


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