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I was lying. I was lying everytime I told someone that I wasn’t afraid of ghosts when I was a kid. I WAS DAMN SCARED OF ‘EM!

Everytime someone asked me to take something from a room (which had no lights on)…, i pretended to be “phew! this is just a piece of cake!”. But there was a terrible battle going on inside me!

(Photo by Lennart Wittstock on

Everytime someone asked me to watch horror movies with them, I tried to muster up courage (and also some good and effective ear plugs..y’know.. just in case!)

I used to die everytime I was trapped in a room without lights! AND IF YOU HAVE A BROTHER, THEN DYING WILL BECOME A HABIT!

Today if I am able to sleep without pulling the sheet over my head (out of fear), he is the main reason.

If he hadn’t locked me in that scary, ugly, disgusting store room up the attic then, I wouldn’t be able to watch horror movies without earplugs even now… I wouldn’t be able to go to the kitchen to refill the jar with water late at night even now… I wouldn’t be able to let my parents sleep peacefully even now!

I OWE IT TO MY BROTHER (who still shuts his eyes during a really scary scene AND HE HAS A DRAWER FULL OF EARPLUGS TOO! )



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