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Memories are sweet.. sour too.. anyways, they are lovely. People say that each second that passes by, adds to our memories.. I don’t think so. They become our past ,not our memories.

I had always thought of the importance of ‘memory’, I used to wonder why people cherish these things, instead of cherishing their present. Why do people take pictures so that they become our memories? Why do ”memories” make people emotional at times?

It’s true.. we can’t run away from our past. They stay with us and some good or touching or important events add to our Album of memories.

You may not remember the last fight you had with your best friend, but you might remember the first serious quarrel.

Someday we might remember these. The fights. The ridiculous fancy dresses. Songs sung for your relatives (because your mom forced you to😂).. birthdays. Vacations..

I realise now that I can’t bring back any of them.. but I sure can cherish them even now. Without compromising my present. Now I realise how important memories are..

People who had left us already.. we can’t bring them back. But we sure can remember those precious moments we had with them. I am satisfied with the smile it brings to my face. I am satisfied with the memories they gifted me..

I think humans have an in-built memory store, and I believe that’s adequate to store our heavy file. we don’t need cameras. but there’s no problem in that. The problem is when we spend too much time waiting for that right click, instead of living the moment.

Even in our happiest moments, we are worried about getting the brightness right, background, focus..

I have seen people who has millions of pictures in their phone, but when I ask them about the occasion, they do nothing but stutter.

LET’S TRY LIVING THE PRESENT… LET’S TRY PUTTING OUR CAMERA OFF FOR A WHILE.. LET’S TRY GIVING OUR ”STORE” A CHANCE.. let’s see…. if we can make memories by ourselves and not with the help of devices.



26 Replies to “MAKING MEMORIES”

    1. Yeah right
      But that’s probably because our store has started to rust.. as we always prefer devices.. and now we have no other option to not use the devices because our store is only half open!😥


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