Stop Giving Answers And Start….?

When people ask me.. ‘what is the greatest lesson that you’ve learnt in your life?’, I strive hard to give them my answer.

What should I say? The only intention at that moment was to give them an impressive answer… but nah! I couldn’t.. so I just borrow!

Yeah, as if you haven’t done that?!😏

The only thing we care about is to impress the other person, give them beautiful and admirable answers. But to be very frank, any of my answers to questions like that were not sincere. Nor were they from my heart!

I never really asked any questions to myself. So how can I expect to get an answers in turn? That’s what brains are for. They get me some amazing excerpts from the speeches and essays of other people.. something that I might have heard or read before and yeah I get away easily with that. Don’t ask me how. I still don’t know!

Why should we give answers when we can’t question?
we have that one person inside us, who always chant the same thing over and over again – STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! YOU ARE GONNA MAKE A BAD IMPRESSION!
And believe me… we are so obedient to that one person than we are to our own parents!

I will tell you a truth. Something most of us do, but we never accept.
Aren’t we afraid of asking Questions?
Aren’t we always running to solve the questions directed at you? Instead of passing the questions to your heart?

People might say.. pass it to your brain.

It works better.

I agree partially. Brain is smarter for that’s what brains are for!

But when we assign our brains alone to take decisions and ask questions,….. better replace ourselves with a robot. It works even better! 😏😅 Now that THE AGE OF ROBOTS is approaching, you will easily find one!

Now Can you fill this up for me now?

Stop answering questions and start _______?

If you are thinking to answer this, then I request you to read this post again! What was I saying right now?? Ugghhhhh!🤨😐😅

30 Replies to “Stop Giving Answers And Start….?”

    1. Well, I am really happy to have heard your opinion!
      We all are comfortable in answering questions
      But most of us, aren’t capable to directing Q’s to ourselves
      Experienced people like you might not, bcoz that’s what experience gives you! Courage! But what about people who are new to this… Whole thing?
      Inexperienced and a novice.. like me?
      For them, initially ,directing Q’s at themselves.. or at others will be hard..
      And from what I know.. they focus on finding solutions and to get out of that situation as soon as possible!
      I direct this post to those wonderful seeds! Who are yet to see the reality!
      Thank you for you wonderful feedback! I really enjoyed ANSWERING your question!😅 Keep visiting!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. What were you confused about?
      I guess you ask yourself questions frequently than answering yourself? In What proportion will you represent that? If the Q’s are more.. then my dear friend, you are ready to face the world, if not.. chill, you have time!😅
      I am currently in the waiting list I think!
      Thanks for your valuable feedback!


    1. So right!! So i guess there are different kinds of people with totally different opinions and thoughts! Teachers too!😅
      Thanks for sharing your views Shweta!! Hope you liked this post!🤩


    1. Thank you so much for this valuable feedback! Pls do keep visiting!
      PS : Questions, as I understand, are never ending for the ones who are curious and with a restless soul and mind! And I believe you are one! 😃


  1. I really never asked any questions to myself.
    When someone asks me something, my intention at that moment was only to give them an impressive answer as you said.
    You are right!👍

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