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Don’t remember the title.. but the cover!

I have got a really bad memory. And it gets worse when it comes to things which I desperately want to remember… like phone numbers, directions… and of course books.

I read a lot of books and If you ask me their stories… I need time. And that’s how I trouble the librarian always.
I am quite sure that we all have come across a situation when we couldn’t remember the title of the book that we desperately need.. but we have a slight memory of its cover.

I pity the librarians. I can’t figure out the number of times I have made them go crazy around the shelves of the big library.

“sir, I need a book, but I have only a vague memory of it. I don’t remember the title.. but the cover.. I am sure it’s blue!”

Initially, I admired the generosity and the kindness of the man. But then when I started to make him run up and down and around the endless rows of the shelves, he realised that it’s High Time to look for another job.

“sir, I think it’s dark brown?!” he then goes in another direction
“no no sir.. I doubt whether it is a green one.. yes a green one”
“I don’t think it’s green.. it’s red.. ah! Yeah… red one…”

By then I would have to give him bottles of energy drinks.
This happened a lot of years back and now I am proud to say that today I know every corner of the library.. but I still miss the man!

Published by express & stars, recently I read an interesting article which indeed brought back a lot of memories 👇

A library in Massachusetts has a special shelf to help visitors who can only remember the colour of the book they want to loan.

With a sign reading: “I don’t remember the title, but the cover was red”, the library has a wealth of popular books with covers in different shades of the colour on display.

Bart Leib took the picture at Framingham Public Library where he works part time.

Among the red books in the display are Lisey’s Story by Stephen King, H G Wells’ The War of the Worlds and Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien.

According to the replies to his tweet, apparently inquiries by book colour is something libraries get quite a lot.
“It was always blue when I worked in public libraries,” replied Twitter user Andrew S.

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I really wish to see the librarian who did this.. don’t you?

The struggle to remember the title of a book we want, is possibly the worst situation we put our brains in. And I still remember the computers kept in our library, which help people to locate the books we wish to read.. but if you look at the search history, you’d possibly find unique descriptions of books…

Neon, Sap green, crimson coloured small book with large font, big fat grey coloured book with pop ups…

I am trying to imagine the condition of the computer by each evening..pretty tragic huh?



28 Replies to “Don’t remember the title.. but the cover!”

  1. I never stepped in a library. Ever.
    I bought books from stores and read them at home but never went to a library.
    If you only remember the colour and I was the librarian, I’d advise you search for it yourself. 😂😂

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  2. I normally remember the storyline better.
    I tend to forget the title of the book which makes it all the more difficult. For example: i remember reading a book written by NORA ROBERTS which had something about the special human powers. But i still don’t remember the title of the book.
    I am sure it was in blue 💙🤍

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  3. I’ve troubled my librarian too, in the kids section and then at school. I don’t trouble them with colours, but words in title. I’ll just remember a single word or at times its synonym. 😂

    I loved the revenge of computers. Small book with large fonts… It’s crazy! 😂

    The fact on Massachusetts library was interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. Haha. Those poor librarians. They must have tons of patience on reserve to deal with all sorts of absent-minded bibliophiles. And stocking the shelves based on the colour of the book covers is a very novel idea.

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  5. Omg! This is so relatable. I tend to forget like that too. The worst thing is when I’m convinced I recall the right name only to find out I have invented a new one altogether. It’s especially hard in case you remember the tune of a classical music but don’t remember the composer. You can’t even search it with lalala la la lalala. ;-;

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  6. That’s so funny, I thought I was the only one forgetting the titles. I usually walk up to the clerk at Barns and Nobel bravely. “I don’t know the name but it’s xyz!” I don’t know how they do it, but many know the book or have some magical way of finding it! They know their profession! Nice and fun article.. And I love the name of your Blog… Read Love Live.. very nice!

    Liked by 1 person

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