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The parcel that can’t be denied!

I was always interested so much in colours.. crayons. The smell of the wax crayons made me cheerful, just like the smell of petrol did (Many of you can relate to the smell of petrol, I guess)

One can find many crayons and colours in my home because I am literally obsessed with them! I had always been.

It was when I was in my third grade that I asked my brother to lend me his colours. Obviously I was reluctant to use mine. I wanted to keep mine fresh and neat. But also because his colours were more beautiful and sophisticated ones. I used to hide my crayons and would lie to him that they are broken!

Everything was perfect…Until I lost them. I was damn scared! I don’t clearly remember the reason why I was afraid… was it because I lost them… or scared of my brother’s beatings.. or afraid to lose his trust… or my mother. Perhaps I was scared of them all, I guess!

I still remember the day because it made me white with absolute fear, which I never was until then. My struggle to find those… the fights I did with my friends to find it…. The suspicions I had upon everyone, including the teacher (funny for us now, but it was pretty serious then!)

Brother reacted the same way I had expected him to. I had lost his trust. I was also upset because I used to love those crayons too!!

We all are in some way afraid to lose anything that are too dear to us. Sometimes material possessions. Sometimes more important matters like love, trust, respect etc etc.

People say life is a journey. Okay I accept that.

People say that nothing is permanent. Okay, I will think about this one.

People say loses are natural. No way I am going to agree to this!

Hard truth: we are the ‘people’. We are the ones who say all of these at some point of our life. And we are the ones who passes these beliefs (or rather should I say lies?) to the next generations as mantras!

Right from our very young age, we are taught of various important lessons….We are taught to take responsibilities and are asked to not run away from them. But later on, I have realised that none of us have implemented any of these ever in our life. Or at least.. some of us were not able to abide by these lessons always.

Question yourself.. have I ran away from any responsibility? (I have)

Have I ever lied..? (I have)…

I have great respect for those who have frankly accepted the truth.
We are taught that nothing in our life is permanent. It might or might not be. But why do we have to Care about it?

Honestly saying, everything we do… all the affection we give others are based on the belief that, “ someday they will leave us.
So we are doing it now. In a hurry!

We are completing various phases of our life like completing the levels of a video game. We are being ignorant of the fact that we don’t always need to choose what others choose. We can also play by our own rules.

We are stuck with the belief that sorrow and misery are the part and parcel of life. That might be true but why do we always need to accept them? Why do we forget about other choices we have? Why don’t we think about dumping them in the bin and walk off?

Oh I get it! We feel that people might perceive that we are emotionless! Careless! Carefree!!

So ask yourself now. What are you REALLY bothered about? How to deal with loses and departure? Or how to deal with PEOPLE?

Everyone taught me, loses are natural. But none told me that there are choices! To overcome them ; to dump them. Or to mourn over them until you get tired of your life!

In the end, he got new colours. And he found the new one much better!

Let’s celebrate Choices!

Mourning is not our only choice.
Why don’t you look for yourself?

Read. Love. Live


38 Replies to “The parcel that can’t be denied!”

  1. Losses aren’t natural, sis. They’re consequences of our choices and reactions. I love colour pencils and crayons. I was obsessed with water colours when I was a kid but Y’know what? I can’t colour. Every time I try colouring something, I mess up. Colour oversteps the boundary, it spills out. I don’t like colouring but I like colours.
    Loved the post. 🙂

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  2. I too had an attraction towards colors, though I wasn’t very good at it. But I enjoyed filling the white paper with the colors.

    Well, I think that when you get anything, let it be crayons or the love, nothing you can keep forever. There has to be a time when you will have to leave them. So yaa, for me loses are natural. But the thing is, the time you had the crayons, you had some beautiful moments of your life, you learnt to color, you were happy!! They taught you something you didn’t know. So when, they are no longer with you, yes we do have the choice! Either to take the lessons and move on or to lament upon the fact that you can’t color anymore!!

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  3. You know I loved it the moment you mentioned crayons. Some great thoughts there, Ammu 🙂. Loved how you used the incident to unfold your thoughts. But I can’t agree that all loses are natural and can be replaced with choices. Some are just favourites for a reason that is irreplaceable 🙂

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    1. True.. but I believe that our mind is associated with the belief that we don’t have choices. But yeah.. some are irreplaceable. But we can try to find other ways too.. even if they might not appear at first sight.

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      1. Yes. I agree. Works in most cases. I cannot replace the love I lost from my father with anyone’s and I have a few things which he gifted. One watch is there, it has stopped working long back, but I still feel I haven’t found a better one that can replace that one. Sometimes the reasons can be too personal. But of course in most of the other cases, there are choices. Also, I agree that this is something that younger generations should know. Like when they fail or doesn’t get admisssion for something, some think its the end of their life. In that cases, what you said is completely valid and important too. There are choices out there!

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        1. Yes!!🤩 Even I have some memorable things 🤩from my loved ones who passed. Suicides are increasing in a shameful rate these days..most of them teenagers and young adults!!


  4. The younger ones always get away with anything and everything. This started off in a cute way and evolved into something very thought provoking. Life is very short. So we’ve got to make the most of it, isn’t it?


  5. I like your candid way of writing. It’s smooth to read through. Also, I’m crazy about crayons myself. I bought a new set during this lockdown just to doodle in my free time. XD

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