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Who haven’t asked crazy questions to virtual assistants, like Siri and Google assistant?
(Alexa, I am sorry, you are not in my list, because you are totally out of my league.)

Google assistant was the first virtual assistant I was in touch with, and if I had the chat history of the things I asked it, you’d probably laugh your lungs out!

I relied on Google assistant and Siri, for fun, and less assistance. Yeah, the package did come naturally with the default emotion of help and assistance, something that’s less seen in those who had real emotions.

From ‘hey.. Google assistant ,how old are you’ to ‘hey Siri, do you like me?’, they have answered all my questions. Even right now, I had to ask Google assistant ‘hey Google assistant, what are the most ridiculously dumb questions ever asked to you?’ and not surprisingly, I landed up in a new tab, where they showed me thousands of questions that don’t even deserve the word ‘dumb’..

Comparing Google assistant with siri, I can conclude that Google assistant is more personal and fun.
I will give you an example
I asked both google assistant and SIRI some questions and these were their responses.

Siri and Google assistant, both have their own pros and cons. Though the most interactive and user friendly virtual assistant is GOOGLE ASSISTANT, the productive Or the best assistant in terms of giving information and helping us through various schedules, meetings and a best help in our work oriented routine, is SIRI.

The use of these assistants has drastically increased over years. After all, humans are introducing various new techniques and inventions to reduce their workload and practically within a decade, we would be just some strange creatures, who breathe, eat and sleep.. the rest of the activities that we do now, will soon be a part of some manuals.

A few decades before, the robotic sounds were as irritating as our nosy neighbour aunty, but now it is like the one pillow without which we can’t sleep.
By now, the technology has increased to such a level that, we can even customise the sounds like that of a real person’s. watch this video….

I am a Malayali (Malayalam is the language spoken by the people of Kerala (in India) called as malayalis )and I have great fun listening to those who don’t know the language, speak it. They stutter, and mispronounce and is so fun to hear. No offense!

I have always had the privilege to correct them, and when I do, I feel so much like a scholar (which obviously I am not). But the fun part is that even I speak poor Malayalam. I am very good at communicative Malayalam, but most of them are pretty harder than even the toughest tongue twister.

This is exactly where the villain of my life enters, (with background music)

Things have changed over the last a few years. Now google assistant is having the privilege to correct them. And the most ridiculous matter is that, Google assistant speaks much better Malayalam than everybody in the room.

Humans were tired of walking, so they created wheels. Their bare foot stared hurting, so they made slippers. Hoe and ploughs were not enough productive agriculture, so they made machines They were tired of walking kilometres to get water, so they made water pipelines. They made water portable. They sewed torn clothes and now back to torn clothes. Letters turned to phone calls. Phone calls to messages. Books to e-books… the rate of development is unimaginable. Everything we see now is vanishing in the next second.

This is where I would like to start from all over again, to start from the very beginning of human race.. to enjoy even the slightest beauty of the nature.

What if we all had that ‘RESTART BUTTON’?

ME: Hey Google Assistant, restart my world. (DUMB, I KNOW!)
Google Assistant : L.O.A.D.I.N.G
(Wow it works!)
In a few seconds,
R.E.S.T.A.R.T..I.N.G. D.E.V.I.C.E.

Can’t blame Google Assistant! The devices are indeed our world now.



24 Replies to “HEY… TELL ME A JOKE!”

  1. I find google assistant importance once when my phone touch start behaving stupid out of blue and I was in hostel 😅😅 , that time till new phone is delivered, Google assistant made possible so that I can talk with mom 😅😅

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  2. I really liked your comparison – and learning about your language. We always assume speaking a language even from birth makes us good at it, when in fact that is not so! I am horrible with accents, and pronunciation of other languages. I feel terrible when I try. I appreciate when native speakers correct me so I can improve. I will have to ask Google for help!!!

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  3. Haha. I’ve played with these assistants too. But somehow my post never made it out of my draft folder. And hey,I didn’t know you were a fellow Malayali too. And the fact that Google assistant can speak proper Malayalam is news to me!

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  4. Haha..Very Interesting and Amazing blog. It”s fun reading it!

    Well, I too have played with these assistants. Google Assistant is very impressive. It’s abilities dominate Siri according to me.Google is the best and most accurate smartphone assistant, according to new research too.

    Well done.🤗

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Siri played awesome songs and I keep asking meanings of words that I read in blogs ..
    I always tried to sing the Malayalam notes in “jiya jale” song .. my friends would laugh at me 😊😊
    Nice post Aatmana 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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