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What do you look for in a book?

Let’s not lie. We all have some expectations in our mind, while buying a book. I am the one who believe that having expectations, leads to one’s unhappiness. But I can’t resist myself from having some, while buying a book or choosing a book to read from the library.

There are many factors upon which our expectations are build.

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The cover

Although many people say, ‘not to judge a book by its covers, I can’t help not to do it. I am not sure how many of you do that, but I do. I search for the vibe of the book in its cover, the colour and the design of the cover matter to me, though it is not as important as the other factors.

Hardcover books are my favourite, but when it’s softcover, I prefer to see some good colours and a design that could attract a reader to the soul of the story.

The title

These are books with hardcover, and as you can see, a Catchy Title tooo…

Now, this is of great importance to me when I choose a book. I don’t know why, but a good and a catchy title drives me CrAzYyyyyyy about the book. Who wouldn’t love catchy titles for a book?
Titles shouldn’t reveal the main thread of the story, but it should not be a stranger to the theme of the story either. I have come across many titles which reveal too much of the story, or too less and meaningless….. but I have found perfect ones too.
When you brush your hands through the books for sale, this is what you look for, most of the times. Don’t deny the fact. A title too catchy will stay in your heart, even though it’s story might not.

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The pages and the font.

I know that this sounds so crazy for some of you, but believe me… I am addicted to this habit of mine. I would check the texture of the pages and the font of the texts. I detest the Xerox copy- like pages… the dull ones. I prefer pages neither too thick nor too thin and I am so in love with a colour with a blend of light brown and pale white. And the font?? Yeah, typewriter font is the best but that don’t come normally in books, so I don’t usually go with choices about font, but I seriously loathe the “default” font in most of the books.

The back cover

The back cover of a book mostly include :
• Excerpts from the book
• Promotional copy
• Testimonials to the book’s quality (blurbs)
• Author photo and biographical paragraph
• Category and human-readable price
• Publisher’s logo and/or brief contact information

Strike off everything except the first and the third one. That’s all I check, the extract and the blurbs. I read the extract, and if I enjoy, it’s in my basket. I like it when the books expose a thrilling excerpt, but I don’t, when they expose too much of its content. No one likes. The blurbs should be nail-biting.

Chapter 1

Don’t frown. I do that, I read the first few lines of the book, turn the pages forward, and read any random paragraphs.


It doesn’t kill the soul of the book, it’s just checking whether the story is as interesting in terms of literature, as it was in the beginning. It really helps and it doesn’t really kill my interest at all.

If a book surpasses all of these or at least most of these checkpoints, it will be in my basket.

Read. Love. Live


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