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The Ugly Truth.

I love watching WhatsApp statuses, Instagram stories and new posts of my friends. Not a day passes without taking a peek at them. Must say that they are quiet interesting. And yeah, captivating too. Sometimes about the new places they are visiting (pre- covid attack), or food, or a wedding function. And they look so cheerful and happy and are having a great time and enjoying themselves every minute.

Let me rephrase that. THEY LOOK LIKE HAVING FUN.

Check out : BREATHE

(watch this YouTube video :

Yes. If we zoom into these images, we will see a soul, who yearns for nothing but REAL FUN, which, however, is supervised by SOCIAL MEDIA. Analyse yourself. How much are you obsessed with these artificial platforms? How often do you post new pictures in your social media account?

Don’t you think you are sharing too much of your private life with others. Majority of us might defend our habit by stating the long distance with your family and friends. But are you sure that it’s only your family and friends who is seeing your profile and your pictures?

PRIVACY‘ is an outdated word these days. It is just a cover. Cover to hide the most ugly and violent truths.

Have a look at the world around us. What’s the reason behind the insecurity we face due to our constant and inseparable interaction with the social media?

It is trust! Don’t you think we trust a little bit too much on these platforms?

This is the main cause of FEAR in the minds of the young generation.

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We invest too much of our time and trust and in turn many of our brothers and sisters are being deceived. Each day, millions of people, of people, especially teenagers, are being victims of cyber exploitation.

Whenever you upload a photo , your happiness is naturally depended upon the LIKES you receive or the COMMENTS. It is no mistake. We all do that.
But the real problem is when you compromise your real life for a virtual one.

Most of us are busy taking pictures, instead of living the moments. We are afraid whether the moment may pass quickly even before we know it. Yes it does. And that’s what we call LIFE. But the best thing you can trust more than your phone is your memories. They will linger in your mind, and you will soon, no doubt, visit the place again. Taking pictures is no offense. We do have to make use of technology. But not by compromising on the joyful moments of our life.

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Bark, an app for parental controls, is designed to give parents peace of mind while their teens and tweens are on social media. Created by a parent to keep his kids safe online, Bark works by scanning various social media and messaging apps for concerning keywords that could indicate concerning online behavior.

BARK official logo

This is a link of the offical blog of BARK (kindly pay a visit) :

BARK, through its youtube channel, does a very important social responsibility in saving the future generation from ugly and brutal hands. They posts videos concerning the safety of children while using various social media platform.

Here is the YouTube channel of BARK. This is a request from my side,do visit the channel. You will be numb for a while, but you will regain your consciousness soon and then you will be completely aware of what I had been saying. Though they primarily focuses on children, they are not brushing off the fact that adults too face the same problem these days.
YouTube channel of BARK:
This is a must – watch video published by BARK :

Research on the dangers of social media shows that its use is associated with various other issues. For example:

  1. Using social media can increase feelings of anxiety.
  2. Using social media can increase feelings of envy.
  3. Using social media can cause emotional exhaustion.
  4. Using social media can increase …..
                                                                         Read more :

Staying inactive used to mean staying away from everyone and making no contact, an estranged life.
But these days, staying inactive completely refers to being OFFLINE.
Can you think about any other changes that these social-media platforms has brought in our life? You can drop your thoughts in the comment section.

Stop living under the fear of a virtual body. Start experiencing the heat and cold of the real world, rather than being claustrophobic in the confined prison of virtual and artificial world.
Do use social media if that makes you happy or helps you take a 2min rest, but never let it snatch away the same from you.

22 Replies to “The Ugly Truth.”

  1. You’ve said it all Aathmana! 😃

    I switched off my data for Whatsapp and I even deleted the app because I felt that it was more of a distraction to me. (Even though I have almost 400 daily story views and almost 5k contacts)

    And for Instagram, I haven’t been active on it for a while.

    I figured out that I shouldn’t feel bad when I see most people living fake lives.

    Some people only post the good aspects of their lives and the wonderful money and fantastic lifestyle. Sometimes, I question my own self.

    But when I saw this, I decided to stay away from Instagram, Whatsapp and twitter. And I just wanted to focus on my talents and skills.

    Like you said, social media promotes envy, jealousy, etc

    When someone posts too many pictures on his/her accounts, people think that they are living life without challenges and they (for no reason) just hate you.

    So instead of drawing unwanted attention to myself, I just decide to build up my talents.

    I presently use Facebook only and it’s because I have thousands of group members and followers who read my articles. So I use Facebook to keep in touch with family and followers.

    I’m not saying all these is wrong.

    Having social accounts isn’t bad.

    But I have decided that I must build up my talents and skills and be some well known for them.

    After this, I can take to social media to promote what I do and to reach out to bigger audiences.

    To get value from social media, you must first have value.

    So have the value first, then go on social media, not to showcase your values, but to enhance your values and impact people with them.


    I really love this post. And it’s a discussion that relates mostly with teens and youths 😃

    Nice one Aathmana ❤️❤️

    Liked by 3 people

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