The Lemonade.

When life gives you LEMONS, make a LEMONADE out of it!

You might’ve heard of this quote… and you don’t need me to interpret it’s meaning for you.

It’s simple.. just overcome your difficulties.

Phew! That is kinda hard! I often wonder… how could people arrive at such mesmerizing quotes… so inspirational and meaningful. Have they known the hardest troubles of life? Do they realise that everyone’s not having the same potential to make that lemonade?

We all face different hurdles… But we do always face difficulties. That’s the guarantee card of life!

👶When you are a baby, you may stumble across any of your toys and badly injure yourself..
🧑👧When you are a teenager, your hormonal changes might make you do some CrAzYyyyyyy things.. sometimes you would hate your parents for being so bad at you. (At one point everyone might’ve thought about this weird decision of leaving home, when your parents beat you or scold you.. thank god, that God didn’t give us guts to do that!! Otherwise I would’ve been homeless by now!)
👨👩When you are an adult, your work life is soooooo stressful!!! You are worried whether your relationships might fall apart! You feel like your entire life is just like spoilt milk.. – useless!
🧔🤷When you are middle aged, you have a lot of responsibilities to handle that you wish you were a kid back again.. you are worried about your savings, your children’s education, your home and many more!!
👴👵When you are old, you are worried about the end of your journey!

In short, “worry” and “responsibilities” are our shadows. They follow us everywhere! Then why wish for a stress free life? Why expect such a thing that is so unlikely to happen?

But do you realise that, even though we experience the worst thing that could ever happen to us, we have the guts to MOVE ON!

Even though you are badly injured, you stand up.. rush to your mama for help!
No matter how crazy you are, you don’t regret it! No matter how much your father scold you or beat you, you still run to him when ever you are in need of his support! And love! And strength!

Even if your work life is stressful, you still go to your office.. strive hard for your promotion with a hope that everything will be fine in a jiffy and that a “sorry” is powerful enough to mend your relationship.

You don’t bother much about taking responsibilities because you know very well, that you are doing it for your loved ones! To see them happy!!

And yeah, old age! You might be worried. But once when you see the smile of your grandchild, that’s, that’s enough for you to smile!

See, you made a lemonade! If you were a street side vendor who sell lemonades, you might be a millionaire in no time, considering the lemons on your path of life!

Pick ’em up, dude! Pick them!
Squeeze them hard… take the Pulp out of them!
Add enough water, dilute the rage!
And now it’s time for SUGAR!! Add it! Be a murderer of the lemons of your life! (Mind you, Lemons ONLY!)
Don’t forget to stir it!


And drink it with a smirk, Know that you can conquer your fears and that is what matters to you!

Some of us might have added too much of water and some of us… sugar! None of us might get the correct proportion.. because it just ain’t possible!
But we did make a lemonade! Celebrate that! Celebrate the little joys of your life! You’d love it!😉

P. S : Please don’t give your lemonade for others to drink! They might not love it! (Now take this fact literally and symbolically!)

By the way, sometimes you might be persuaded to buy a ready made packet of this. Do Not Even Attempt Doing That! Cuz then you are likely to get addicted to it. You would always prefer for it. And when you are unable to buy one, that will disturb you. Take the word from a girl who’ve known that!

Read. Love. Live.

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