Claire Wineland.. An angel.. An Immortal soul!

In 2018, a book was published, which became a best seller and was soon made into a motion picture.. which dug deep inside everyone’s heart!


It was a heart touching story, of survival and love. The story revolves around two CF (Cystic Fibrosis) patients, who fell in love with each other, despite their different ideologies. However, the interesting part of the story is that ‘Five Feet’!

CF patients, can’t come close to each other as there is a risk of Cross Infection which may eventually lead to death. Therefore they have to keep a distance CE of six feet! So where did this “five feet” come from? To know more, you gotta read the book or watch the movie!

Links here 👉 Book (PDF) :-
Movie(trailer) :- 1.

But here I am not going to do a review. I am going to talk about a person, to whom this movie was dedicated.


I was so shocked to read about this wonderful girl… who was much more than an inspiration..

Wineland was born with Cystic Fibrosis in Austin, Texas. She enjoyed performing from a young age and appeared in ‘The Music Man ‘ at age 4.

At age 13, her lungs failed, and she was placed in a medically-induced coma. She was given a 1% chance of survival and awoke after 16 days. She then founded an organization in support of families affected by terminal illness, specifically cystic fibrosis.

Claire’s Place Foundation

She launched the non-profit organization to provide support to children with cystic fibrosis and their affected families. The foundation operates through two programs: Support Families, which offers personalized support and assistance in areas such as treatment, care processes and emotional support from other parent volunteers; and Extended Hospital Stay Grants which provide financial assistance to families who are struggling with extended hospital stays.

She was a TEDx speaker and has spoken at a number of conferences worldwide. Claire appeared in an episode of Red Band Society and in the documentary series My Last Days.

In 2016, Wineland was listed as one of Seventeen magazine’s 17 Power Teens. She was a Fox Teen Choice Award Honouree in 2015 and received the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes and Los Angeles Business Journal’s Small Non-profit of the Year Award in 2014.

The 2019 film Five Feet Apart was inspired by and dedicated to Wineland, who had served as a consultant on the film.

Claire Wineland, as depicted in the film, had uploaded many videos on YouTube to help people be aware of this terminal disease.
This is the link of the channel, which belonged to her, although initial videos were uploaded by an external channel in the name of Clairity Project.

Claire Wineland :-

Clairity Project. :-

YouTube Originals released a documentary about Claire Wineland. CLAIRE is directed and produced by Academy Award winner Nicholas Reed.

Claire was an angel and an helping soul. She reached out to millions sound the world, with a message : Treating sick people with love and not Pity!

Her inspirational speech :

Claire was obviously not an ordinary person, which is a fact that you might’ve understood by now. She was a fighter. She cared for people who are absolutely helpless and she supported more than 150 families, with the help of many kind hearted people who donated to her Foundation.

On August 26, 2018, Wineland underwent a double lung transplant. Shortly after the surgery, Wineland had a stroke due to a blood clot which cut off blood flow to the right side of her brain. Wineland died, aged 21, on September 2, 2018.
It is no surprise, that she still lives. In the hearts of many. She dedicated her whole life supporting the needy and she will forever remain in my heart for sure.

P. S :- She was an amazing singer and played keyboard beautifully!! See here👇

Dear Claire:
Sweet Warrior Claire,
You led the charge.
We know our mission.
We will not wait to live.
We will live now.
We will not falter.
We will not stop.
We will continue your fight.
We will make a difference.
Your legacy lives.
Not even death can silence you.
The world is still listening.

We remain steadfast in our dedication to keep her foundation alive as a safe harbor for families living with CF.

We will not falter,

and with your help, we will not fail.

Laura McHolm, Chairman of the Board of Claire’s Place Foundation

Claire, you taught a human raise, that there is still a scope for kindness and love. That there is still time to Care! To Love! And to have humanity!
You are truly immortal!


29 Replies to “Claire Wineland.. An angel.. An Immortal soul!”

  1. Thank you for throwing light at this, I was nearly moved to tears. She really was an angel. It’s hard to live with a terminal disease. And she was born with it. For those out there fighting with their own bodies, I pray for you. You’re beautiful and strong. More than you know. More than you can imagine. Thank you bud, for writing this post.❤️❤️

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