How Are These At Home? #4 The Refrigerator!

When I was soooooo small, like, when I was in my first grade, teachers taught us many things, which we later discover that they were lies. For eg: They always taught us that THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST. They just rises. And they sets on the other direction. Not because of any rotation of the earth, but because of the rotation of the sun it seemed! Ridiculous!!! Yeah! They also taught us that FOOD IS FUEL. But tell me, which vehicle stores more fuel than they require? Humans! And which thing helps us to do that? The Refrigerator!

In my family, the only member who is taller than me other than my father and my brother is The Refrigerator!!! Oh yeah, you heard me right.. a family member indeed! My brother loves the refrigerator more than he loves me!

Refrigerator is like a chamber of secrets! And it does have many treasures. Delicious ones. My mother used to hide tasty dishes behind the vegetable tray. Or sometimes in some common utensils, so that we don’t find it our that easily. But now you are reading this, so you probably know that we found all of them.. and ofcourse licked it clean!!πŸ˜…

Okay. This is definitely not my refrigerator. Its not this clean and omg ! Not these many delicious things!

Do you guys have the habit of eating ice? Or making it melt in your mouth? Well, I did! I loved putting them in my mouth and sensing them gradually melting down. It does not taste any different from that of water. But I used to enjoy doing that!! Oh I Still Do!!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ I remember my mother asking me to avoid doing it, at least in this present situation.. “you might get ill!” πŸ˜²πŸ™ƒπŸ˜

Leftovers!! Some people hate it!! But if you belong to a middle class family, especially the one with both of your parents working… Then you gotta eat it man!! There are two types of leftovers – one is accidental ; other one being intentional.

Sundays provide the best accidental leftovers. You know how? The morning fragrance In Sundays are always different from that of the other days. Right?? We pull all our revenge for the tiring week by making different types of food, with no idea how much of it would you need. Ultimately, resulting in leftover! This is not to be blamed, because it is Accidental. But when it comes to intentional, your mother will know the best. Have you ever noticed that your mother prepares more than what is actually required? Have you asked her why? I have!! She said, “It’s not only for today, you dumpo! It can last for a week or two!!!” And I was like – WHAT????? A WEEK?? THAT’S CRAZY!!

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about it. What she provides,I gotta eat. Completely. Here comes the refrigerator! After Sundays.. you gotta see it!! It looks like Mumbai traffic! My mother doesn’t leave a space between the utensils that she keeps inside .. she keeps it like a tower and then finally move to another. And when she takes my of the utensils from between, it comes perfectly, with any damage or destructions. And I? When I take it, all of them come down to the floor with the most annoying sound that I have ever heard!

Whenever you see an ad on refrigerators… God!! How I wish to maintain one like that??? That one is a role model. My dream. Only after a few years did I understand, that they were building up false dreams!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜… There’s no way you can maintain one like the one in the ads!!!

Back when I used to stay with my grandparents during my vacation, i used to be startled by how they manage to store their food, without a refrigerator! Yes.. they earlier didn’t have one. I was so surprised! Couldn’t the food get spoilt? Nope… Not if you have anything to store! They prepared food only in adequate amount! It was so wonderful to see them maintain their kitchen so amazingly! Which was not the case now, when they have refrigerators ! Funny how refrigerators turned to – the villain of the story!

Have you guys ever noticed the light in the refrigerators? The one that turns on when you open it? I have had a lot of fun with that one man!! It looks like a finger projection. When closed, that one becomes suppressed, so no light then! But when we open it, it turns back to its normal size, and here comes the light. I used to do it many times – squeezing it in and then pulling it out… Until I almost damaged the one in my grandmother’s home! It’s so fun to see that happening!!

If you guys haven’t done that…. Better check that one out. Right now!!! Pls?πŸ˜…

Corona changes

Now that corona is round the corner, the never ending lockdown is surely taking a toll on us. We successfully made ourselves very busy in the initial days! But now… Our activities are confined to just, kitchen, TV, Laptop,books etc. not much! Yeah cooking! Frankly speaking, I have made more delicious dishes this year, which I didn’t even eat before! New dishes! Everyday I cook. And the refrigerator? It is having the worst time indeed. They are also not having a good time, look how Corona has taken a toll on them too!

What is your take on refrigerators? Do mention it in the comment section!

This topic was suggested by my dear friend – Aashi D Parekh. A wonderful person with an amazing blog… Which is absolutely captivating!

Here check out her blog! I assure you that its amazing!! FALLING UPWARDS

Thanks for reading this post. This post will be the second last one in this series. The final post will be published on 29th of May. Happy BLoGgiNg!!

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