Just a sneak peek!

Okay.. so this isn’t any quote post… Or a series post!!😜 Chill!

When I was small, a little girl.. probably in my 4th or 5th grade, I used to go to some Fairs or Melas, with my father and end up our purchasing some books sold in offers at some pavellions. Oh they were amazing offers!!

Buy 5 Books For Rs. 200 !!

Now those of you who don’t know how cheap that is for 5 books, Lemme tell you!

RS 200 = $2.65 ; €2.41

And now you know how cheap that is!! Moreover You can grab 5 books!

So I was so stupid that I didn’t spend that money on those books which was so thin, and the ones that are recommended for my age, and started grabbing 5 biggg books!! I didn’t want to waste the offer on buying those things and small books which I can easily understand instead bought those, which I didn’t understand a word!!

I bought many like that!! Many !!!! I opened my own mini library at my home!! Actually not quite mini!!!! Large one indeed! It is so obvious, right.. how? Because I bought these many books, that too big ones!!

It was only a few years back that I started reading them.. actually they’re pretty brilliant!!! But not something that a 10 year old can understand!

Sometimes we do things like this. We are afraid to waste an opportunity and aim for something’s which are an utter waste at that point of our life. I am not saying that books are a waste. Of course not! But I bought books which I can’t understand and waited for several years to reach an age of that I can understand it without asking for anyone’s help!

We do such mistakes in our life! We doubt whether such opportunities may come again in your life, and choose the wrong path, and land up being utterly helpless!

These were some of those books!! You can imagine how hard it was for me to understand these books back then!!🀯

THE LIFE is a pretty brilliant book that I had finished just yesterday!! And the next one which is on the line is RESTORATION! Hope that one turns out to be amazing as well!

Evenings these days, are soo cloudy. Oh my god!!! It is so chilling these days! We can’t even step our bare foot on the floor these days, they turn quickly to ice!!😱

The best way to spend a evening in a climate like that, is to open yourself to Music!! It gives such a positive vibe to you! And soothes you too!!

This speaker is my life!!❀️ And my playlist as well!!🀩

Thank you for coping up with my stupid, time – pass post!! πŸ˜…

HapPy BLoGgiNg!

15 Replies to “Just a sneak peek!”

      1. Hehe, yes, I use to do this too but not more novel, I use to buy science books, encyclopedia, which are beyond my age to understand at that time πŸ˜…
        You are most welcome Aathmana 😊😊

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  1. It reminded me of those booksellers in front of sarojini metro station in Delhi. If I forgot buying my books, I wouldd crib to mommy to go back the next day and she would be like hum vacay pe aai hai and u want to go back to the same place and bookmark πŸ”– is just damn, love it.
    Btw what does aathmana mean?

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