As you guys know, the senior boys have already crossed their limits now.. we were embarassed and suddenly stopped performing, and stared blank at the audience. They pitied us.

One of my best friends, stopped right there, tears started developing in her eyes and the judges asked her to continue. She couldn’t. She was a great performer. But she couldn’t help. She stood there idly until the alarm bell rang, indicating that the time allotted for her is finished.

But me?? That howling did startle me, but I didn’t stop, infact I thanked the boys for howling as it made me realise how boring the speech was. And that did impress the judge. I can thank my brother for that one. He had instilled in me one of the most important values that I have ever learnt in my life ; Never try hard to fulfill any other person’s expectations. Travel by your own. It would be even better if you didn’t have any expectations at all. Cause then, you will be stressed to follow it.

And I ? I destroyed their expectations of me ruining my whole performance. That evening, neither did we go for a walk, nor did we do small talks. We didn’t do any revenge.. because we were equally at fault.

Later on we both apologized. And that called for a celebration!! They bought popcorns and other eatables… And we roamed around the whole campus, talking, making fun, running, laughing hard… Man…. I miss those days!

Those days when we never bothered what impression we made on others… When we had a lot of fun, regardless of where we are, when we did nothing but we secretly did everything, when pulling each other’s legs (teasing) seemed to be the most ridiculous way of spending time..more like wasting time??

Anyways… The youth festivals brought us joy indeed.

One attractive fact of the YOUTH FESTIVALS is the food provided by the organisation. Being a foodie myself, I love tasting new food. But mind you, I don’t feed myself enormous amount of food. Just what my appetite needs.

Different types of food for breakfast, brunches, lunch, snacks and dinner. Only provided if you submit the food token from the office. Here beings another adventure… The token adventure.

Schools will already purchase tokens long before the festival even had started. That means.. They are provided with calculated accurate number of tokens.. nothing more. Nothing less. And our school… Always order for vegetarian food. And we will always be provided with the food that I hate.

There was this one time when the coupons/tokens for both veg and non-vegetarian foods were of the same colour. If I am not wrong, yellow. We were desperate for some different food, when an idea struck us..

There were two lines, one for the veg food, and another for the non veg food. The veg section was handled by some middle aged uncles, while the non veg section was handled by the young catering boys.. who looked so awful but they had this confidence that they are the most handsome people on this earth. Confidence matters a lot!! It gives us power!!

So we girls along with some boys, purposely went to the non veg section and kept eye contact with those people. God!! It was so hard to keep looking at their faces!! They looked at us and not our coupons and readily gave us the food!!! But then as some of the boys with us handed over their coupon, they caught them. They had to give back the food, but they didn’t take it seriously as they though that it was just a mistake.. but then all of us came and said that we got confused with the coupons too, but the catering boys asked to keep it.. !πŸ˜πŸ˜€

We did the same thing more than four times, but the fifth time, there were new people.. OLD PEOPLE!! SENIOR CITIZENS! God!! Why so serious with us??

That was the story of the coupons!

But wait!! There is one, more hilarious than this!!

Wait for the next!! Until then…


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