Where were we?? Ah yes!!! The senior boys were waiting for their chance to pay back!! It is quite easy to hide from a small group of boys, when you are in a crowded and a large area.. but ..

So each school had their own class, where they can stay, practise . It’s like a shelter. That was one relaxation period. After roaming around the whole campus, we will take rest in those classrooms, playing games, doing small-talks, practising our events, mimicking the students we see around.. it is fun too.

I never participated in dance events, instead I chose literary events, like extempore English, recitation English, writing English… Etc etc. Speech was my favourite!

I love public speaking. It’s something I am passionate about except from reading, writing …

After our teachers recieve the schedule chart, where the venue and time of each events are clearly mentioned, we will set out to finish breakfast and find the venues..

There was this one time, when the youth festival was conducted in a very huge school set in a plot of hectares… I became a maniac. Whenever I set out to find my venue, I would reach the same spot from where I started! No matter how differently I chose the path, I end up in the same place. There is something called the REPORTING TIME OF EVENTS, which means the time at which we must reach the venue’s reporting office to confirm our participation! Once I got too late to reach the place on time.. only because of the endless paths in the school and the horrendous names of the blocks! 😂😅

By the time I reached the reporting office, they had closed the confirmation desk.  But who doesn’t fall for the puppy face huh?? Actually I might be the only one who might have used this effective method of luring everyone, a million times. It works man!!😁 Try it!! If you have, pls comment below of your experiences!

I knew that they wouldn’t deny me the right to participate.!

I am always surrounded by bad fate…

  • I always end up being in a fight with the most ferocious and competitive participant, instead of actually being friendly with them. I can’t help it.. they always are the arrogant group and the most senseless.
  • The order of the participation is based on the token numbers. And I?? I am always the last person!!! With no / little audience, I have to perform. But thankfully, my school friends will be there to cheer . That’s the School Spirit!
  • Whenever I enter the stage to perform, I always encounter some crazy things.. like,. This one time when the whole power went off. It took some time to switch on the generator.. and I?? I was standing there.. right in the middle of the stage, smiling widely at the judges, seeing the faces of the audience, who are completely unaware of the technical problems!! Or sometimes, when the person dealing with the Mike and the amplifier and stuff, had dragged the wire from he path… And I SLIPPED!! God… It was so embarassing!!
  • The dinner banquet will always be served at about 7 – 8 pm. And just as fate wanted, I might be participating in some events and by the time I get to the banquet hall, almost everything will be finished.. not even any scrapings would be left!
  • Etc etc….

Staying in the classrooms becomes bored by the evening, if I don’t have any other programmes by evening, then that takes for a stroll. This is the time I enjoy a lot.. I will walk by the pavements, alone, wandering around and in the end I will be lost (something that happens always without fail!). I go to the other stages where some other events are held. I can see students, roaming to and fro, so tensed and nervous to perform!

I, luckily, don’t have any stage fear. It is someplace that I love so much because that’s where I exhibit who I really am. People always say to me that I am a whole new person on the stage. And I can thank my father for that, who trained me from my early age the art of speaking elegantly. I am lucky to have him.

Now do you remember, the seniors?? Who are looking for the right time to confront us..? Well, we tried hard not to fall right in front of them. But in the end, we got our punishment. Embarassment! They came to the stage where each of us were performing, and guess what they did??

They howled!!!!

This time they crossed all the limits!! Now it’s our turn!

Wait to know what hilarious thing we did that I am sure they haven’t forgotten till date!

HapPy BLoGgiNg!!


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