YOUTH FESTIVAL #2 The Start of Something Fun!!

On my last post of YOUTH FESTIVALS, you read about my experiences during the journey to the Youth Festival Destination. As you all know, it was nothing less than an exciting journey.. and that too with close friends!! You know how exciting it is!!

This post will be about the


You could imagine, right.. how hard we try to impress others.. especially to reach upto the heights of those people Who are totally out of our League!!! Before we get down the bus, we all do the preps, Putting in : makeup (duh!!),School Identity Cards, sunglasses(even when the sky is so dark) And Heels. Well, I never put heels, because it always hurts my foot.

There is a strange thing about me.. some might find it disgusting.. but I don’t.. because that’s how I am! My hands and feet sweat all the time. I mean they are seldom dry. I will always have sweat on my hands and feet, being one of the main reason why I don’t wear heels! Simple Platform shoes or slippers will do for me.

So now where were we??? Ah yes…. Stepping out of the bus to the brand new world.. some school we had never seen before… But EnOrMoUs!!!!!! So huge…the whole school is hectares wide….

Not that my school isn’t huge.. it is.. but not like this.. man!! Every school that we had gone was Soooooooooo hugeeeeeeeee!!! Except one.. well the school was huge.. but they arranged it pretty bad.

So… We have new ID Cards once we enter the school. And the faculty accompanying us would go and collect them from the office desk.. which will be always on the other end of the school. Which will buy us enough time to….WANDER!!!

This is my πŸ–€ part… We put on our attitude look on our face(πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…), show off like the kids from the damn rich schools.., walk hip – by – hip, laugh like free spirited bird, go through the campus, and THE CANTEEN. There will lie our STOP sign. We put all our money together (not much…Hey… We are not spoilt brats) and have the attitude on our face like we are buying the whole canteen… Until we hear the honking sounds of other children behind us, waiting to lay their hands on the snacks. But no…. We buy them all.

Ah!! I still remember a canteen staff’s (from one of the schools that I went) expression… “eliye (rat) pole aanenkilum, puliye (tiger) poleyaanennu thonnunnu theeti”

Attn:- This is actually in Malayalam… If translated to English, it pretty much means… ” Though you guys look like rats, you eat like a tiger πŸ…..” πŸ€ͺ

But unfortunately they can’t say it out loud.. but we enjoy seeing them have this urge to say it out loud!! It’s fun dude!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Then we walk back, as fast as possible, before the teachers could reach. Now there isn’t any ‘hip – by – hip walk’ or any ‘ cool and attitude walk’… Just a life saving RUN!!

We had never ever been busted!! We always managed to get there before they do. But one time, they did have suspicions. But.. nah.. they never caught us..

The teachers would then hand us our ID Cards, exclusively made for the Youth Festival. Without this ID, you can’t participate in the events, or buy anything (except from the school canteen, because they are not under the Organisation), but most importantly, we can’t eat the banquet meal. That one is delicious!!!!

No one is supposed to wander around the campus without the ID cards provided by the Organisation, Except the volunteer student from that school and their faculty. And that was exactly what I hated the most.. because, one can never see an ID card more ugly than that in the whole wide world.. Believe me!! I respect their idea of wearing an ID card … But they could have atleast made one better than that ugly piece of plastic covered card!!!

Then again we get time to roam around when the teachers goes for the meeting!!

This time all the students would go. We would go and see the classrooms, and the venues where each of the events would be held. We would pass through the pavellions in extreme disappointment of not being able to buy any because WE DON’T HAVE MONEY. SIMPLE!

But sometimes, we will. After showing puppy and lovable faces to our seniors.. we can’t ask the girl seniors… They never give. So we will ask the senior boys. They are so lovely to give us some money. They are so lazy to go to the stalls and buy it for themselves, so they give us. To buy for them. But…. You got it right!!! We never return to them..πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

You gotta see their faces after being cheated!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ It is hilarious. But they never got angry, instead….

Wait for the next post on YOUTH FESTIVALS… TO know how cruel were they!!

Feel free to share about your memories on anything like this in the comment section!

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HapPy BLoGgiNg!!πŸ–€

6 Replies to “YOUTH FESTIVAL #2 The Start of Something Fun!!”

    1. Obviously they have been well treated by my tummy, dear!!
      How could I miss them? My friends and I nearly survived on them!!
      Okay that was a lie!πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜…


        1. Hah! I don’t hold the credit for eating all of them.. my friends aren’t bad on that. But actually it is a fact that I can overcome my urge to vomit, if I chew on a chocolate!!
          Lucky I am!!😁

          Liked by 1 person

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