Youth Festivals πŸ–€ #1 The travel

I really am not sure how many of you have heard of this ‘Youth Festivals’. But I am sure that we all have participated in such a thing when we were young..

They are competitions… Consisting of On stage items (extempore, Elocution, Recitation, Dance, Drama, and many more) and off stage items (writing events). This is actually a competition between schools,to know which school is the most talented one! These events are conducted in some other schools (but the venue keeps changing every year), while the primary level (screening/filtering the students, selecting the ones who can participate in the higher level) in our own respective schools. I had participated in all the youth festivals, starting from my 3rd Grade. And it was the best part of my school life.

It was fun. All we need is School Spirit.

That Josh!!!!

The participants from our school arrive at our own school and leave from our school at about 5am to our destination. It might be in our own district, or sometimes even far away.

This ‘YOUTH FESTIVALS’ will be written in series. About each segment of the festival… The journey, accommodation, food, fun, practise, having fun…. And many more. Hope you will like it. Don’t forget to like and comment!! Share your experiences on any such journey, with respect to the part of the series..


The destination is always too far from our school. So we leave early from our school, together. The fun begins here. The whole journey in our school bus is something memorable. We sing, dance, play, eat and sleep together. I used to have some time to myself, when others sleep. I am a person who doesn’t enjoy sleeping during daytime. I stretch myself in my seat… And open the window completely.

God!!! The wind caressing you while you pass… That feeling is something unique. I might sometimes be lucky enough to have no irritating sunlight… But the kind of mild and cold climate…

I sketch, listen to music, sometimes I just observe and wonder about the things I see. They are beautiful.. the cold and damp wind plays like a lullaby in your mind. Thankfully, I never fall asleep without hearing the ceiling fan’s krrr..krrr. sound!!

Old habits die hard …Man!!!πŸ˜…

It will take a half an hour for the rest of them to wake up. And then I face the same question that I face everytime I journey with my friends… “Did you not sleep?” And then I laugh! All the time!! Can’t resist, when I see their confused faces!!

When we have covered half the distance, we pull over. It is a rest for 10 – 15 min. The faculty accompanying us, gets down to buy some snacks for us.. actually meant to sustain the journey back too. But unfortunately, we eat it completely even before we reach the destination. Yay!!!

We play TRUTH OR DARE in the bus. And we give the most innocent person among us, a big dare… Something like ‘Calling The teacher accompanying us, their nickname’, as you guessed… She/he will turn red and our friend will come back to his/her place vowing never to play again!! Lol!!! The dares we give are crazy!!!!! Once I had to put an orange peel outside the windowpane, which landed right on the top of the helmet of a rider. He was totally unaware of what was on his helmet.. I wonder what happened to him after that… πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Once we are about to reach the destination, I can see a lot of girls, wearing makeup.. not me because I genuinely don’t like anything other than Kajal (don’t misunderstand it as eyeliner. If you dont know, pls google it. You will be lucky if you don’t get a bollywood actress as the result). Many people say that I am boasting, but no.. the only time I put makeup is when I am doing any on-stage programmes.. then again, I like to keep it light. The tissue comes to my rescue.

PS. : I have this tendency to vomit, once I travel in cars or buses (weird, right?)… But know what I do?? I purchase chocolates.. they really help me overcome that “urge” πŸ€ͺ!!πŸ˜… Actually I take advantage of my problem, I ask my father to buy me a whole packet of 100 – 150 chocolates… I need it for the return journey too!😜

Wonder what happens next?

Wait for the next part!!! Until then… HapPy BLoGgiNg!!

Any wonderful travel experiences.. do mention in the comment section!!

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    1. Hey thanks!! You should try.. it’s so much fun.
      Especially the parts after..
      Do check them out after I post them!!
      Mind telling me your name?
      Greeting from India! πŸ˜‰

      Best Regards

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