Memories of 2018

In the Last few days in Kerala (India), the rain was so torrential. It has made the climate super cool and I wanted to go out so badly (now that’s never possible when you have your parents around, especially mother, isn’t it? We can somehow find a way to do all the mischievous acts when your father is around. JUST SHOW YOUR PUPPY FACE. ONLY FOR GIRLS,though😜)

So I sat in my living room, with all the doors and windows opened (thankfully because of the Corona pandemic, burglars have taken a holiday from their During rains, there is a certain fragrance.. the fragrance of the mud.. I enjoy that a lot! If you didn’t get what I am saying, next time when it rains, just get yourselves out to a place where it’s not interlocked with tiles.. where there is mud and soil… The real surface of our earth (okay… It’s hard to find.. these days.. DEVELOPMENT!).

The raindrops touch the ground, wetning the ground… Mixing with the soil, with the humus of the soil, and there arises a fragrance.. that clearly reflects the beauty of our nature. (Now if you are a person who enjoys the beauty of nature, who are an aesthetic person.. go out and experience this! Don’t waste your life, doing things that gives you nothing but artificial pleasure!! There are things which are much more valuable than that!)

Generally, we all love Rain! Especially the people of India. Because most of their activities are based on the availability of rain. In India, 60% of the population works in the Primary Sector.. Agriculture. Though the self – indepedent and rich farmers can afford sophisticated irrigation machines, the poor and helpless farmers depend on the rain.

But there was a time when we hated it.. when we begged it to stop raining! Stop pouring us water…. Stop destroying us.. Because of the flood that happened in the state of Kerala in India in the year of 2018. That year was a nightmare for us. All the crops, all the efforts, everything eroded in the torrential downpours. The 42 dams in the state, had to open its shutters completely, destroying the nearby villages, and the infrastructures. Schools were shut. Because the classes were submerged in the water. Houses destroyed, some vanished completely, with no traces. The roads that were once occupied by restless vehicles, pedestrians and vendors, were now invisible. All we could see around us, were muddy waters.

As the days moved on, the situation worsened. Landslides made it even worse! Rehabilitation camps were set up in all corners of the state, backing up people with necessities. But none could give them the family that they had lost. There were Orphans, widows, parents who lost their children, new born babies, pregnant women… The government tried their best… They called in The Indian Army, The Indian Navy, And The Police Force, they helped the people find their way to the camps.

There were floating carcases of both human beings and cattles. As the disaster was unexpected, none of the us had taken enough measures. The young generation’s role is to be remembered. With the help of social media, they reached thousands. The engineering students, invented machines like drones, to help reach the people and give them food.

But there still were people in the houses in remote areas. The Army couldn’t reach them. But They were SAVED! BY THE FISHERMEN!

Today we hold a lot of respect for them. The people who are fishermen, were not given respect as many of us thought they did a job that had no dignity, not realising that the fish that is an indispensable element of their meals (food), are present in their plate only because of their effort. And during the floods, they brought in their own boats to rescue their own people. They might be total strangers for the people, but the care they gave them, is still cherishing in my memory.

Some of the fishermen lost their boats, which was their life. They lost their savings. They lost their houses by the sea. They lost everything, yet they continued to save many.

For the first time, I saw unity. Unity Among Political Parties, Unity Among people belonging to different religions, caste and creed. I saw only one group – HUMANITY!

Our state, overcame the disaster. It is a fact that many lost their near and dear ones, their family, their livelihood…. Everything.. But they gained confidence, and the will to fight back! Will to survive!!! And that is the real aim of humans, because HUMANITY IS WHAT MATTERS. KINDNESS IS WHAT MATTERS. LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS. PEACE IS ALL THAT WE SHOULD ACHE FOR. Not fights or quarrels. Not greed. Not dangerous desires. And certainly not HATRED!

Today, when I am witnessing the rains, I am reminiscing about the loses of my brothers and sisters. My family around me. My people. But the Confidence in ourselves is the antidote for every such disasters. The confidence to fight back! To Survive! To Win the hardest battle!

If we can do all these, we can fight back the current problem. The pandemic. All we must have is Courage, Confidence, Will!

Support the people like the Doctors, Nurses, Policemen, Media, and other Health workers by Staying at Home and spreading confidence to them.



10 Replies to “Memories of 2018”

  1. What a beautifully written reminder. I too love the rain. I do not get much of it where I live, but I always find it refreshes my soul. I am using my time at home wisely and in support of humankind. πŸ™‚

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  2. We experience a lot of rain here in Sweden too. But, it’s nothing like the beautiful rain pouring over our luscious green Kerala. But, I have to say, much has changed since the flood. When I was a child, I used to enjoy monsoon season a lot; jumping in the puddles and dancing in the rain. But, now when the rain pours heavily and the pathway fills with water, there is this fear deep down in the mind doubting if things can go wrong again. I was in Kerala last year, during the rainy season. My son was only 11 months then, and he was down with fever. Every time it rained heavily and heard warnings in the news, I was worried what will happen if flood came and there comes a situation where I have to take my little one to hospital. It was nerve wrecking. But, as you said, there was this confidence too. If something happens, Malayalees know how to deal with it well now, and I would be offered all kinds of help in some way πŸ™‚ I remember seeing me fret, everyone around consoled me saying, ‘ith okke enth. Ithalla ithinte appuram kandavaranu Malayali. Ne pedikathiri.” πŸ™‚

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    1. Ok. That was too long. But the post brought back so many memories; good and bad πŸ˜€ So I couldn’t stop myself. Coincidentally, it’s raining here and I am downright emotional now πŸ˜€ Thanks for the lovely post Ammu. πŸ™‚

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      1. πŸ˜… I am a person who is used to writing essays. So I can relate to your situation..
        Actually it’s raining so badly here also. It was so heavy.. this is what came into my mind then..
        Something that could give us confidence!! And faith!!
        We will overcome the current challenge too.
        Thanks again chechi!!


    2. That’s a lovely comment.. we are powerful… 2019 too witnessed some what same situation. But it didn’t go wrong as the one in 2018.
      Thank god the baby is safe. He wasn’t even a year old then, right?
      And I really liked what others said to you about Malayalis..
      🀞May everything get back to normal.
      God bless!!

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