Thursday poetry competition, the results!

Never thought that I would be able to weave out a poem that could earn a prize..
I am so grateful to phoenix for igniting hope and confident in me… Thanks phoenix and Saania (you are an awesome judge)


Last week we had a poetry competition and the topic was Galaxies. The contestants had to write a poem, their wished length and include something related to the topic.

We had a great blogger, you may know her, SaaniaSparkle judge! Her poetry is out of this world and kindly took the offer to become our judge! Do check out her blog and give her a follow!

So it was a tough competition, but finally, Saania has chosen a winner.


Joy from Yellow Brick Ave!

This AMAAAZINNGG writer who impresses us with her captivating words and beautifully penned verses has been a brilliant follower of Penable for a while. It is a great honour to announce her as the winner and here is what she wrote….

Galaxies, Or Regarding Poor Prufrock

In a lush field upon our backs we lie
with our palms spread out flat against the sky,

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12 Replies to “Thursday poetry competition, the results!”

  1. Congratulations Aathmana! To all the readers of this post: Aathmana was great in this comp. Her verses are beautiful and in fact, everything she writes is beautifully penned.
    Like this comment if you think Aathmana is AWESOME!

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    1. I thought of liking this comment on my blog.. but resisted bcoz of what you said at lastπŸ˜…πŸ€£
      Thank you my dear friend!!
      Thanks a lot

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