Beware… Of …?

This weekend,  I was going through some supplementary papers of the daily newspaper, when I spotted something outrageous. It was quite amusing.

It was an article that had some don’t’s of some countries. Some of them were hilarious, while some of them were quite important too.


Don’t give even number of flowers as a gift to them. They take even number of flowers for funerals or memorials. A perfect bouquet on a happy occasion consists of uneven number of Flowers.


Don’t eat anything with your fingers. Manners matter a lot in this country.


Look out for fines. It’s prohibited to feed birds, spit and throw any trash onto the street or eat on public transport. Leaving a public toilet unflushed can also land you up with fine.


Okay, now, being an Indian, i can say that our country is mostly liberal. But the thing that could earn you disrespect, is when you speak ill about any Religion, Caste, or Creed. If you insult any political party could also land you in jail or any other serious issues. Because the people here, are very sensitive.


No tips! Tips are not Acceptable here. No hugging. You should do what the locals do. No laughing with your mouth open. Laughing with your mouth wide open, showing your teeth, is considered impolite here.


Don’t take things too personally. Mexicans love making jokes and they don’t miss a chance. Try new things. They really appreciate the foreigners when they try to speak their language or even engage with their traditions.


Don’t mix up “Aussies” And “Kiwis”. You will definitely be corrected. Don’t ever make jokes about Rugby, ‘The Lord Of Rings’ Or the Queen Of the United Kingdom. New Zealanders take these things too seriously. You will see a lot of Barefoot people. Don’t be surprised!! Don’t carry fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, honey here. You will be fined and the food will be confiscated!


Don’t ask anything concerning Church. This maybe taken for disrespect as many people here don’t attend churches. Don’t expect any kind of formalities from the people here. The people here usually talk informally and might address you with your first name. Chill!!!!


Don’t show the “Ok” sign. Here it is considered as an obscene gesture. Try not to drink much. Drinking here in public is considered impolite.


Don’t jump the queue. People will judge you intensely. Don’t ask people about how much they earn. This is not considered a good topic for discussion. Don’t invite random people over. Only invite people who are you close friends.


Don’t try to sound like Irishmen. For Irish people, there is no Irish accent. They recognise and divide scents depending on the region of Ireland they come from.


Don’t use Nazi Greeting Gestures. This is a crime and you can get punished accordingly. Don’t stare at people. Only poorly educated and crazy people do that here. Don’t try to look overly friendly. A regular German take his time to get used to new people. Don’t congratulate anyone on his / her birthday before the day itself. Germans gets superstitious about that. They believe it’s a bad sign.


Never touch anyone’s head. Don’t ever do the friendly tousle by running your fingers through one’s hair, especially babies. It is considered to be the most sacred part of the body.


Use two hands when handing over money. When handing things over to people, especially money. Koreans hand them over with two hands. It’s a sign of respect!

These are some of the interesting facts of some places. I hope none of them have hurt anyone’s sentiments. This is purely based on a mild research.

Different countries have different customs unknown for many of us. This article is meant to just make everyone aware of some of the customs. If anyone is hurt by the things mentioned above, I owe you an apology. Feel free to correct me too.😊

Do drop in your comments about how you felt while reading this.

Read. Love. Live.

15 Replies to “Beware… Of …?”

    1. Well I did search about that..
      They are so bothered about the “insects and pests that may cause damage to their natural envt'”
      They say so!!
      But behind all the customs there might be some reasons, right?
      Though they might sound absurd for some, others might be quite serious about them!
      Some of them are pretty funny!! Though
      If you take in the some angle!!
      🤩Nice q..
      I loved your comments!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course, many are funny!
        Bothering for the environment is a good sign, but still, I couldn’t agree with that.

        Thank you for the detailed explanation and an enjoyable post. 🤗

        Liked by 1 person

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