AWEsomE BloGger AwaRd✌️🤞

Writing & Reading had always been my favourite hobbies. But soon they tend to grow closer to me that they became more than just hobbies. And one day, I decided to start a blog and I became a part of this WordPress Community.

Perhaps that is one of the best decisions that I had ever taken. And today,… Today is my best day and I would like to Thank H. R. Phoenix for that. She is one of the best bloggers that I have met in this community.

She nominated me to the Awesome Blogger Award. She is quite familiar with all of you. She is an amazing blogger, an excellent person and a good friend who had supported me in my new venture.

So guys, do check out this awesome blogger’s blog… And pour in likes and feedbacks and support her as much as you can.

It is my duty to do the same. Here are the rules.


Thank the person who nominated you.
Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.
Answer the questions you were asked.
Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them of their nomination.
• Give them ten new questions to answer.

So these were my questions :

1.Name three people who have inspired you on WordPress

I had begun my account in WordPress with the aspiration to inspire everyone with my ideas, opinions, and my works. But I never thought that I will be welcomed by so many brilliant and talented people like H. R. Phoenix, with the same ambition of inspiring everyone.
So yeah.. the three people who have inspired me the most on WordPress are

2.Winter or summer and why?

Actually I am an Indian (south indian to be precise)  and unfortunately we have no winter here. We have cold – season but not that winter that most of  the northern countries experience – the one with snow and hail and all. We do have summers. And we tend to enjoy a lot during that time.
I remember, during my summer holidays, my parents would send me to my grandmother’s home, where I used to catch up with the rest of my cousins and our neighborhood gang. We used to tie a swing between the mango trees, and eat ripe mangoes that my grandmother would pick. She was an awesome cook. She used to make pickles (mango pickle is my all time favourite). We used to play games till evening and seldom do we enter our home, except at times when she would call for breakfast, lunch & dinner. And towards the end of the season, everyone would depart, leaving me and my brother behind. After a few days, we would also leave. This used to happen in all the summers.
But times flies. I wish I could go back to that same time.
So… I think I love summers (except for the extreme heat sometimes).

3.What is your favourite piece of poetry and why?

I like poems and I write some. I love reading old poems. My favourite poets include Emily Dickinson, Rabindranath Tagore, never mind the list is endless. I happen to have a lot of favourite poems. But the most favourite one is that of EMILY DICKENSON’S “HOPE IS A THING WITH FEATURES”

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

4.Name three books you remember reading in your childhood

Well, the first book that I had ever read was a children’s copy of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. My love for books started from then.

I have a mini library at my home where I now have over 120 books. But the first book that my parents bought for me, which soon became the first book of my library was this

You can see the picture that I drew. I got this book when I was in the third grade!

And there’s this one book that I had recieved as a birthday gift from my one of the best friends. He had gifted me this book when I was in the Third grade itself but towards the end of the academic year.

I still enjoy this book even now!!

I still have these books in my library. And the funny thing is that I still purchase books like this. To read by myself and I would offer them to the children in the neighborhood. I have a bunch of kids in the neighborhood running to my home to read books from my library. And frankly speaking, they make my day.

5.Tell me something you have cooked/ baked that you are proud of

Okay… Now this will take some time.
I am a person who loves cooking and I spend my leisure time either cooking or reading and writing. I cook various foods. Being a south indian, I am proud that we own a myriad of cuisine that involves a good amount of spicy foods. The first food that I had made was for my grandmother and that was a Masala Dosa.

Believe me.. it’s tasty.

And I enjoy cooking food for my parents and this makes me proud sometimes. I cook food for them when they return late from work.
I cook Appam (a sweet dosa type food), Chappathi and Idlis. I enjoy seeing them enjoying the food.

6.What was the funniest moment of your life?

I’ve had a lot of funny moments in my life. But two incidents are worth mentioning.
I remember this one time, when my whole family came together to celebrate Diwali in our family home, called Tharavadu in Kerala. So we bought some crackers and the elders sat in the terrace of my grandmother’s home, adjacent to the Tharavadu, while my cousins and I gathered all the crackers and decided to meet in the backyard of the Tharavadu, which faces to a Lodge.
We had a type of cracker, which goes straight up then comes down and bursts completely. We had a lot of them. Since I was so small, I was not given the chance to burst one by myself. So I got furious and took one without anyone’s knowledge and moved a bit away from them and put it on fire, not placing the cracker in a particular way as it is supposed to. I was amazed as I saw it go up but when it went down, I became cautions and alerted my brother who came with all my other cousins. When it came down and it hit a man’s bald head. The man stood outside the Lodge and the man soon collapsed. Thankfully nothing serious happened to him. We were laughing out so loud and our parent came down and we hid ourselves. They still hold a grudge against us for that matter.

The second instant was during a family tour. We visited Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin). I was so close to my father (even now) and I would hold his little finger while going anywhere when I was small. So after leaving a queue, and walking some distance, I saw a stall where there was a lot of toys and sweets. I pulled his finger to ask him to buy something for me, but he didn’t pay attention for a long time and I looked up at him to see that he wasn’t my father. I screamed out so loud and then cried, then again started screaming, again cried…. Seeing this, the man got scared too and he started screaming, like I kidnapped him!. He ran away from me and stumbled down a flight of stairs. But I stood there, looking curiously at the man, without crying but laughing. Seeing me, the shopkeeper came to me and gave me a toffee, and called me ‘Brave’, which is the name he still calls me whenever we go there. I really love that Uncle.
And yeah the story ends here after I got reunited with my parents.

7.Have you ever cried during a film, if so, which one?

Actually I am a sensitive person. I cry for all the movies whenever there is a scene of departure, or betrayal or death or anything like that. But I can recall some of the movies that I cried so much so that my parents had to either ask me to go out and take some fresh air!
Those movies were :
  • The Choice (English)
  • A walk to Remember (English)
  • The vow (English)
  • Me Before You (English)
  • Guzaagir (Hindi)
  • Kireedam (Malayalam)…..
  • Chithram (Malayalam)
    The list goes on…

8.Give three things your friends would describe you as

Since I can’t guess what my friends would describe me,  I texted them and I got hilarious answers, but then they deleted all of them.
And this is what I got finally :
  • A worse comedian 😅(yeah I know!)
  • A good interpreter and a good observer.
  • Lovely and cute (what?!!!!!.🤔 My mom wouldn’t say pls strike that off)

9.Have you ever got late for school when you were younger and made up a ridiculous excuse? If so, what was it?

I haven’t got late for class but I have bunked classes. So many times. I used to participate in the youth festivals and literary competitions and I used to head all these. So if the classes get too boring and If I see all my friends snoring, then I would  make up an excuse that I would want to collect names, or meet some teacher, or… Do some decorations or sometimes just to visit the library for collecting some information about some competition (there will not be any such competitions 😅). And teachers never deny my request. So I spend the next few hours hanging around the campus and hiding from familiar teachers. One day I bumped to the same teacher, from whom I got the permission and made up an awful lie. Unfortunately, I don’t exactly remember want it was, though I know it was something about my family. Phew!!

10.Would you rather spend a night in a haunted house or by yourself in the woods??

Obviously, I would prefer spending time by myself in the woods. I am a person who loves spending time gardening, so I would prefer the woods. But with books.
I would prefer anything over spending a night in a haunted house because I am a scaredy cat!!

Now it is time to nominate five bloggers whom I think is amazing as well.

So my nominations are


For these amazing people, these are my questions :

  1. What is the thing that you love the most about you? & Why?
  2. Have you ever felt that you are lacking something? If so what?
  3. When did you first fell in love with books? Did someone introduce you to the world of books or was it you who walked into it without anyone’s aid?
  4. Share a piece of literature that you found intriguing. Do tell us why?
  5. Share five books that caught your heart. Also share five movies/ books which inspired you the most.
  6. Which book in English Literature would you consider as a masterpiece?
  7. Have you ever regretted any decision you had taken in your life? If so, would you mind sharing it?
  8. Share 3-5 bloggers in the WordPress Community who really inspired you and whom you would love to thank for their support.
  9. Why did you choose to become a blogger? Why WordPress?
  10. Share what you felt after being nominated to the #amazingBloggerAward.

I do wish you all the best. Continue inspiring others and keep up the love for writing and reading.

Once again I thank my dear friend H. R. Phoenix for nominating me for this award. It means a lot to me!!!

38 Replies to “AWEsomE BloGger AwaRd✌️🤞”

  1. Aathmana…. Firstly, regarding what you wrote about me, I have a lot to live up to 😂 Secondly, your blog is really, really awesome and you totally deserved this award. I had a fun ride reading the answers to my questions. I believe you, the masala dosa does look mouthwatering….. Your friends have described you just right, especially the last point, cos even though I haven’t met you, I still think you are an absolute lovely ❤️❤️❤️
    Emily Dickinsons poetry is beautifully written, you have a good taste my friend, the events you described are hilarious 😂 and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed reading this post.
    Nice choices for the next 5 people and congratulations 🎊!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I do think the same about you.. that you are an amazing and a lovely person even though I haven’t met you. You are one good thing that happened to me after I joined this community. And I would always be grateful for that.
      Thanks again, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, you asked the wrong person this question!
          I am a person who cooks:
          • when I am angry, sad, happy
          • during my leisure time
          • and definitely when I am hungry
          So basically, for me cooking, reading and writing is my main activities( especially during this lockdown). I enjoy cooking for my parents.
          And no matter what my mood is, I happen to cook well for satisfying my appetite. I cook food for my neighbourhood children. They come to my home to collect some books from my library and they make my day!!!!
          I love them!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. 😃wow

            This is amazing. Cooking for not only yourself, but others as well. Even when it’s not convenient, you still make little smiles on their faces 😃

            That’s nice.

            I also love children a lot, it’s in my description anyways 😂

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Cooking is one thing that helps me in my mood swings! And I cook for my parents mostly when they return home late from work. So I would give myself some rest and cook something for them. I still remember the first time I cooked for them without their knowledge, my mom almost cried out of happiness!!!
              And yeah, these neighborhood children are of ages 4 – 13, and they visit me twice a week. I do cook for them, but.. something quick! Coz I need to spend a lot of time with them, listening to their problems.. I am kind of a counselor … Oh god!! They do have serious problems..😅

              Liked by 1 person

              1. 😃I imagine the bright and excited look your parents must have had on their faces.

                It’s fantastic seeing children. It’s really fun and exciting.

                I personally love the company of children because you get to learn some things that will amaze you.

                Please, continue to do your fantastic work of inspiring the children. They will be really appreciative.

                Yeah, they have serious problems, that’s why they prefer fantastic people like you to help them out 😃

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Oh that’s so lovely. Now you did make me blush!!
                  And yeah, I do learn a lot from children, than I do from adults!
                  For eg, they care less about what people think of them, they care only about their loved ones and they always take the initiative to solve a problem or say sorry without having any ego problems. That’s one good value I learner from them!!!!

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. 😃I love the lesson you’ve learnt from children.

                    They’ve also taught me a lot of things.

                    My best friend is a 6 year old boy. His name is David 😃

                    He taught me how to love.

                    As small as he is, he takes his parents phone to call me.

                    As small as he is, he cries to his parent to take him to my house.

                    He asks about me. There was a time someone offered to give him some goodies and money, so he won’t come to my house, but he refused.

                    He said I’m his best friend and nothing can change that. And I will remain his best friend for life! 😃

                    I’v known him since birth and I stayed with him for almost 3 years.

                    Now we are best friends 😃

                    Liked by 1 person

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