My mother… My hero…

I am quite sure that many of us have already confessed to everyone around us and ourselves that the one person (other than yourself) that we love & respect the most is our mother. Mother is more than just a person… It is also a feeling.

When we are sick, the one person who ignite the hope of getting well and strong is our mother. When she is nearby, you wouldn’t worry whether your steak or omelet will turn out to be gross. She is an assurance in our life and a spark that always tell us one single thing each time when – we hurt ourselves, , when you find that you will get an F- grade in your report card,we get betrayed by others when we are on the verge of losing our job or when we are falling backwards each time when we put one step forward with lots of effort ~ “It will get better!!

My mother is the only person with whom I get into intense fights. A bit funny to say it after all those that I had said in the beginning! But yeah those fights may seem too bitter for a third person, but for us, it’s something to laugh over for the entire week!

All of you might have fallen in love with your mother for the different Personality traits in her like, caring, loving, soft-spoken, supportive, cool and understanding. But do you know why I love her the most?

That’s because she is a Nurse. I know that profession has got nothing to do with personal life but do think about it. It does affect a person’s behaviour to some extend. She has always loved what she is doing and seldom does she complain about the tedious work dumped upon her by her colleagues.

She loves talking with her patients and consoling them in their grief. See, she had worked in a number of government hospitals. You know, the thing about the government hospitals in India is that, the people who are coming there are always those who belong to the lower classes. Lower classes in the sense means the section of our distinguished society upon whom a lot of financial burdens are dumped. They are the ones who faces oppression from the upper classes. They get less opportunities and their education is limited, but these days the government is trying their way best to provide education to these people. But some of them doesn’t accept the free education policies of the government as they are helpless but to earn for their family from a young age onwards.

They have a lot of grief and most of them are innocent at heart. My mother works with them closely and perhaps that’s how she turned out to be a lot more caring.

She works at the government Mental health Centre. There are a lot of people dumped there when they become nothing more than a burden to their families.

Once I visited my mother in her hospital. I was amazed to see how these mentally ill people were talking so nicely (perhaps more nicely than those people who we term as ‘normals’). Out of curiosity, I asked her why and I still remember the reason she had told me ~ ” Sometimes, these people here make our lives more blissful, than those out in the real world. “

I didn’t know till then that my mother could speak such emotional dialogues ( except at times when she wants me to massage her head or leg!) Those people loved her more than they loved any other staffs.

The current situation of the world is so alarming. But amidst all this fuss, she never became afraid or scared of doing her duty in the corona isolation duty ward. In fact, she is doing her duty sincerely than ever. There are many hotspots in our Country and she is ready to leave behind everything and go serve the people.

So Amma (mother) , I love you the most. I love you for who you really are and your boldness should never leave you. The uniform that you wear everyday for others, is the one that gives you strength. When everytime, someone grumbled about you choosing such a profession, you must know that you don’t need anyone beside you. When someone trys to measure the greatness of your profession by calculating the salary that you receive, just pity them. You don’t need to convince others the reason why you love your uniform. Your family is there beside you always, even though we know you would do your best with none beside you, as you always did.

P.S : When everytime I complained that the food isn’t delicious and that they lack adequate salt or spice, I do realise they are packed with adequate amount of LOVE, ma. And that’s all I need!

This article is for you Amma. Cuz I am crazy in love.. (don’t be afraid, not with anyone else) I am in love with you!!! Muahhhh!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

And now for my readers, there is a wonderful book Called ~ A NURSE AND MOTHER written by Evelyn Prentis, who was a post – war nurse. This book is a memoir and an autobiography. Please do check it out.

13 Replies to “My mother… My hero…”

    1. Thank you for your kind words.. and yeah.. they do love my mum though they still don’t know who I am even though I have met them and have played with them million times. ๐Ÿ˜…
      But my mom really loves them and I really love her.

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    1. I love my mom because I have grown up seeing my mom and Da struggle a lot. But she never gets tired nor did she ever vent out her anger on anyone else. She cared for others and it sometimes makes me jealous how she manages to do that.
      Moreover, she is a nurse. She is my inspiration, alike all of us. We all love our mom though we don’t express it much, especially the boys!!

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      1. ๐Ÿ˜ƒYour mom is a really great person, in fact, itโ€™s showing in your life already!

        Iโ€™m glad youโ€™ve learnt and are learning from your mum. It will make you a better person in the futureโœจโœจ

        ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚yeah, especially the boys ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

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