Time’s Up!!! #Review1

I have never actually written any reviews about books, albeit I have written the brief summary of some books (check out my first post)!Being good at reviewing mostly means being a good CRITIC. Many of us don’t provide a good place in for critics in our hearts. But you must know that they are the best filters you could ever find!! The filters that you find in those online shopping apps won’t be able to compete with them…One must actually admit… They are pretty cool, huh?!!Times up!!!I gotta write one too.. I love writing reviews, I guessSo, today I thought of writing a review for a book that I have read.



I am actually quite tensed about writing a review for a ‘Sidney Sheldon’ book! It is obvious, right?? I am not a reader of thriller books… Or perhaps I was! But after I read this one book of Sidney Sheldon ~ Tell Me Your Dreams… I realised that I am in love with thrillers… I am quite sure that you may have passed through it too.. This book was released a lot of years back!!Well, the story ,in the first place, is quite interesting. But clearly not advised for children about the age of 10- 14?! It’s because most of the scenes of the story consists of concepts that are hard to digest for kids of that age.Well, I am not giving any spoilers, but since this is a review, it must be conveyed, that this book is loosely based on the concept of Multi Personality Disorder. I am not explaining more on that because that is the essence of the book. Thrill!!The book, in the beginning, may deviate the readers into believing that the story is spooky and it’s a ghost story!!! But chill…it isn’t…The story is expressed in a dramatic manner though, but in a way, it is quite good because, if not presented in such a manner, perhaps we wouldn’t receive the same vibe.The story is of three different women (or we believe so, till the end), who struggles with the unnatural things that are happening in their lives.The story is women-centric. But is expressed from a good point of view.The story seemed to be off-the topic towards the beginning of the end, but then it takes grip again. There isn’t much lagging anywhere else except towards the end. The beginning of the story is more … ‘On the point’.The book talks about serious problems in a very serious tone. The major reason for considering this book interesting is because that they follow a journey that overcomes a series of twists and turns and finally knock you down with the ultimate TRUTH! But believe me, it will keep you hooked up in your seat, till the end of your journey.P.S: This book is a MUST- READ !• I hope that, the readers who have already read this amazing work, could relate to my opinion of the book.• For the ones who have not read this book, go read it.( The book has an online copy too. You may download the PDF file)READ. LOVE. LIVE 😍🤩