Are lizards or ‘beliefs’ scary?🤔

I usually wonder over this question of lizards being so scary! Sometimes I think that they are the most ugliest of all the creatures that ever walked upon this earth. But my conscience always corrected me saying that “just like a child is the most handsome or pretty to its mother, every creature is the most beautiful to its creator, that is the God. My house is full of this creature especially behind the couches and I don’t miss even a single chance of screaming at them when I catch the sight of them at my home. My mom and others always tell me that those creatures are completely harmless ! Who knows? One day they might even master the ‘world of existence’!

But the thing that scares me more than these lizards are what we all call as “beliefs”. You might be thinking that- how can beliefs be so scary or dangerous! It can be if you have such a family which is entwined with certain beliefs and is so particular in following those or making others afraid by injecting these beliefs onto them . One such family is mine. Despite considering the whole family ,I can pick the particular ones – MY MOM and MY GRANDMOM!

According to them, if a lizard falls onto some part of the body , with respect to the body part to which it had fallen , there are certain calculations…calculations regarding fortune or regarding future ….which sometimes can be really scary !!! Believe me.. it can be that scary that it might lead you to many ‘sleepless nights’.

But are these beliefs really necessary? I personally believe that it isn’t necessary…. Neither to an individual nor to the society. It will be great to remember that _time has changed…. So should be our way of living! It is obviously not a perfect age of time to either swallow these beliefs or to believe in them because it make matters even worse. .

( The cover picture of a book written by B.W. Van Riper)

#delete all unnecessary beliefs in you and make a difference

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