Be Good… Feel Good… Do Good

We all know, but rarely do we understand that, life is a journey. The travel can be either a boring one or rather can be an interesting one, depending on how you see it.

You know it’s like this- You can either cry out loud by saying that the beautiful roses have got thorns on them or rather please yourself by stating that the thorns got the beautiful roses 🌹.

So it is our eyes that do the magic . It is our eyes that create mysteries and also have fun finding the answers to these.
So I would say that the most powerful thing on this earth is VISION.

The weakest man on the earth ,maybe a coward ,may say that the world seems so bad and no good deed is happening over here. They say that there is an urgent need to change the world for the better but rarely do realise that the only thing that gotta change is their perspective.

Change the way we look into….our world…our country ….our society…our family …our fellow humans ….and above all change the way we look at ourselves . Let positivity surround you. If every one does this , I don’t think even global warming would be a problem to us …

Let me have the freedom to imagine a human raise with goodness. With a smile.

When you Change the way you LOOK at Things..The things you look at..CHANGE!!


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