Start Loving The Essence of BoOkS!!!

Life is no brief candle for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handling it on to future generations.


This is my first blog and it seems so exciting to share my stories, ideas, opinions and many more. To talk about me, I am a voracious reader and loves writing but reading is always my first preference. Reading is like a path.. which leads every reader to a place as beautiful as the words of a Classic novel. So I thought it would be better if I started my first blog page with some of my favourite books, heart- touching and amazing stories.


Not everyone is a fan of philosophies but in this amazing book of Robin Sharma, he expresses his philosophical thoughts, tales and fascinating stories in a way that inspires anyone!. This is a must-read book which can be digested by all. This inspiring story is a guidebook for everyone who wishes to live their lives with courage, balance, joy, happiness and moreover contentment and satisfaction even though hurdles may shower upon our path. After all, life is never easy and it never will. So why not enjoy it little by Little. I assure that this book will help you do that.

TELL ME YOUR DREAMS. (Sidney Sheldon)

I don’t think that this book really need any introduction at all. But I must say, if you are or wish to become a good reader, then this should be in the top of your list. This thrilling book could make you feel like sitting on a verge of a cliff. All I can say about the plot of this story is the same as said in its cover_ ‘ Three Gorgeous Women. One Dangerous Secret!’


The one reason why I picked up this book from the store was it’s mysterious title. ” UNDELIVERED LETTERS!” Well, it does sound mysterious isn’t? Some very, very important and life changing letters are accidentally not delivered by an innocent postman, who finds these letters, 20 years after when he decides to shift his home! He is confused whether to deliver them with an extra parcel of ‘sorry’ or to abandon them forever. He decides the former. Will these letters still carry a value after these many years? This book is not to be missed because this is a brilliant story woven very beautifully by the author J. Alchem. (P.S:- This is my personal favourite book)

I do really hope that I can bring forward to you guys some of the best books and ignite the love for books through my blog!!!

27 Replies to “Start Loving The Essence of BoOkS!!!”

  1. Polichu!!😘😘
    Ni thakarthu
    Just amazing and inspiring blog (your wordings are nice and pretty
    Happy to be having a talented,courageous friend 😍😍😘

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    1. Thank you for checking out my blog. And it’s quite inspiring to have people like you giving amazing feedbacks to newcomers like me.
      Do like, share and follow for more.
      P. S : It is wonderful to be a part of this community, where I could build up good relationships with other brilliant bloggers like you.
      Keep inspiring writers.

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    1. Lovely!!! The first is an amazing book of values and other important lessons of our life!! The third one – ‘Undelivered letters’ is a mind blowing book. You will love it. The story is so fascinating!!! I urge u to read it soon..
      Read. Love. Live!

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    1. Oh thank you so much Jofina!
      I am glad you like my blog! I love yours too!
      Aswathy sis is pretty cool and you know about her blog! It is brilliant!
      Keep visiting Jofina

      P. S : your compliment means a lot to me. It was more than just mere words!

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